Contemplating death is the most important spiritual practice of Immortology. The idea of facing or remembering your death dates back to centuries, but it was forgotten in modern times. Memento mori is a Latin expression which means “remember death”. Specific paintings, sculptures, and jewelry were made with the intention to remind you of your own or your loved one’s demise. This trend then declined perhaps because it was considered too bizarre or morbid.

Memento mori in Immortology means much more than just looking at pictures depicting death. Facing death means experiencing psychological death in the body. The body does not die, only the entity which is called a person, that is living inside the body. It means facing, accepting and remembering that you are going to die.

The experience will tend to be shocking at first, but the intensity of the feeling will decline as acceptance grows. Facing death means making your mind believe that you are going to die right now, without putting yourself in real physical danger.

Death awareness in Immortology is like zazen in Zen, vipassana in Buddhism, or praying in Christianity. If you do it right, you do not need to practice anything else besides it. It can become the universal key to unlock every door on your spiritual path.

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Memento Mori!

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