Sex is an unconscious instinct, and you are stuck with it just because of that. You cannot accept it, and you cannot quit it, either. It bubbles up from deep inside you and makes you act. But many times you regret it afterwards, because it brings only momentary satisfaction. You promise yourself to quit it, but after a couple of days, the energy accumulates, and you do it again.

You cannot fight it, and repression is even worse. The trick is to accept it, but make it conscious. Be in the sex center with full awareness, watch the movements of these animal instincts. Don’t think about it, don’t judge it, just watch it. Feel the energy accumulating in one area, feel the tension, the vibration, the heat.

Whether you do it alone or with your partner, let it be a meditation. Focus all your energies into this center, and stay conscious about it. Sexuality itself will disappear, and only pure energy will remain. Feed this local area with even more energy, keep it tense, don’t let the tension decrease. And when you feel you can’t bear it anymore, release all at once in an orgasmic explosion.

This is the first kind, the local orgasm to experience. Rest some days, and get ready for the second kind: the global orgasm. You have to start the same way: become sexual, channel your energy to your sexual center with imagination, and remain aware. But at the point of unbearable tension, don’t let this energy out. Instead, make it flow upwards, channel it all over your body.

How do you do it? Again, with imagination. Imagine the energy rising up inside you, flowing upwards through your spine, and reaching every fiber of your body. Take deep breaths as if sucking energy up towards the top of your head. Instead of concentrating it locally in one point, now you distribute it globally across your whole body. Let sexuality flow all over your body as if you were thrown into an ocean of energy.

And when every cell in your body is vibrating with passion, just quit it. Separate yourself from your energy body, and become just a watcher. Your energy body is there, flying above, vibrating on a high frequency, trembling with cosmic orgasm. But you are here, in the center, observing it like an innocent child who sees something for the first time. This is the moment when you realize that you are not energy, it is just a content of your consciousness.

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Memento Mori!

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