When you repress sexuality, you repress creativity, as well. Repression turns not only into perversion but aggression, too. Energy is constantly flowing into your lower centers, and when you don’t let it flow out or make it flow up, it will ultimately explode. This is how this energy changes its quality from creative to destructive.

Energy is there, you cannot deny it, and you have to use it somehow. You repressed it into the lowest energy centers, so now it can only do one thing: destroy. Destruction is the simplest way of using any kind of energy. You don’t need to think, and don’t need to feel. To build up a house, you need various kinds of materials, appropriate tools, years of study and specialized knowledge. But to tear it down, you need nothing more than a wrecking ball; it is very simple.

The best soldiers in the world repress their sexuality, and this gives them their powerful destructive force. This gives them motivation, this gives them morale. If you are not sexually frustrated, you don’t want to fight, you don’t want to go to war. You prefer to spend time with your beloved, at home with your family.

Societies which deny sex and sexuality on a religious basis are always very aggressive. Its members are always tense, they can never relax. If you just say a bad word or give a bad look, they will explode immediately in anger. If we want a peaceful world without wars and conflicts, the first thing to do is to free sexuality from this mental repression.

You can understand this very easily. Energy flows naturally into the sex center. If you don’t do anything with it, just remain passive, it becomes sexuality and manifests as sex. When you do something actively, you either repress it or transmute it. With repression, you push it even more down forcefully, and it bursts out in aggression and manifests as destruction.

When you make it flow upwards, the energy starts to hit your higher chakras while changing its quality. When it reaches your heart, from sexuality, it turns into love. When it is in the throat chakra, from sexual creativity, it turns into artistic creativity. And when it finally hits your highest chakra, from momentary unity it turns into eternal oneness.

This is the secret knowledge of tantra, but this topic belongs to another time. What I want to emphasize here, is that if you cannot make the energy rise yet, at least don’t suppress it. Allow yourself to be sexual because you are a sexual being after all. Don’t deny your nature, embrace it. Get to know your every level of being from the highest to the lowest without condemnation.

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Memento Mori!

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