Many people start the quest for spiritual enlightenment to find happiness. However, most of them are not clear about the three kinds of happiness, so they tend to confuse one for the other. The first kind is pleasure, a momentary happiness, with its opposite: pain. The second kind is conditional happiness, which is temporary, and its opposite is depression. The third one is the real deal: unconditional happiness, which is permanent, and doesn’t have an opposite.

Unfortunately, most people experience nothing more than pleasure in their lives. Pleasure is always momentary, it is an instant reaction to an event that is beneficial to your survival. In contrast, conditional happiness is not just a fleeting moment, but it is still connected to your survival. When your needs are satisfied over a long period of time, you feel happy about it.

For example, if you are living in a fulfilling relationship, you are happy in your private life. However, at the same time, you may lack money, and as your financial needs are not satisfied, you will feel sad, angry, frustrated or somehow negative about this area of life. The next level is balance, which means that all your needs are fulfilled in all areas of life. This is when you can say that you are generally happy.

When most of your needs remain unfulfilled over a long period of time, you may experience the opposite state of happiness: depression. In fact, happiness is overvalued. It is not the ultimate state, it is merely an equilibrium. It simply means that there are no negative things in life: everything is helpful and beneficial for survival.

You have nothing to worry about, nothing to feel bad about, nothing is missing. You don’t have to be spiritual to be happy, you don’t have to know yourself, and you don’t have to attain enlightenment.

The problem with this kind of happiness is that it is only temporary. As it depends on outer circumstances, the moment they turn bad, your conditional happiness is lost. And something that can be lost was never real in the first place. Only the third kind of happiness is true, permanent, and unconditional. It is also called bliss.

You can be happy in survival mode, but if you don’t move beyond that, you will miss many great opportunities and experiences. Don’t miss bliss! Bliss is the ultimate state, the highest peak possible. Bliss has nothing to do with survival, it is entirely in the realm of spirituality. It doesn’t have an opposite, because it is not a state but your nature.

Being in bliss is to know and experience the sacredness of life, the majesty of nature, the grace of the universe, the godliness within you, the mystery of the cosmos, and the oneness of everything. I wish nothing less for you!

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