With all of this said, we finally arrived to the third level, which is the real, spiritual creativity. This is the kind of creative process that is beyond the ego, beyond planning, beyond thought. The womb of real creativity is a space without mind, unbound by the past, and free from the ego. Its source is not intellect but intuition. Its motive is not fear from death but love for life. Its result is not depressing but uplifting.

To create something beyond yourself, you have to go beyond yourself. Not just think outside the box, but be outside the box, as well. To bring something unknown into this world, you have to take a journey into an unknown world yourself. To make others feel wonder, you need to wander where you have never been before.

Your creativity is your unique, original and individual power that lets you realize your Great Work. This is the fruit that grows ripe if you let your seed sprout. Just don’t make the mistake of paying more attention to the fruit than on the growth process itself.

Creativity is a verb, it is a process. It is a dynamically flowing stream of energy, and not the end result itself. The process is alive, the outcome is dead. The process is exciting, mystical, active, changing, but also long and unpredictable. The outcome is just a part of the process, it is its crescendo, but not the most interesting part.

The result in itself is static, passive, and only interesting for a moment. I am speaking about the moment when you put the last piece of the puzzle in its place to complete the picture. You admire it with great satisfaction, and in the next moment you are already bored with it. Not the result is interesting but the process of putting the pieces together, as you actively take part in its creation. Some decide to tear the picture in pieces just to be able to put it back together again.

Creativity is a mindset and not a specific activity. You can do everything either creatively or uncreatively. You can paint uncreatively and you can also do the dishes creatively. The question is not the what but the how. So don’t think that just because you are not an artist, you cannot be creative. Just find your own direction where you can channel this energy.

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Memento Mori!

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