Ascended Masters are believed to be individuals who have lived in physical bodies, acquired the wisdom and mastery needed to become immortal and free of the cycle of death and rebirth, and have attained their ascension. They consider the ascension to be the complete permanent union of the raised and purified outer self with their mighty “I AM” presence, in other words total union with God, a pure state of oneness, spiritual enlightenment.

Thus an ascended master is really an enlightened spiritual teacher, who walked on the path and now shares the knowledge with others. These teachings also claim that there are only 60 or at most about 300 ascended masters, but in fact there were hundreds or maybe even thousands of enlightened teachers throughout history, and it’s impossible to know about all of them.

The concept of ascended masters comes from the Theosophical Society, which teaches a mixture of Western occultism and Eastern religions. This organization started the New Age movement, so many of the new age beliefs can be rooted here. It was founded in 1875 by Helena Blavatsky, a Russian occultist, philosopher and author. She claimed to have embarked on a world travel throughout Europe, South America, India and Tibet.

She also stated that she met many of these ascended masters herself, and learned their secrets which she published in her many books. However, she was attacked by many critics, speculating that she acquired all her knowledge from other books, that some or all of these foreign visits were fictitious, and that the masters are only idealizations of certain people she had met during her lifetime.

Perhaps we’ll never know the truth, but one thing is certain. Even if she learned from masters in Tibet, all she ever had was second-hand knowledge. Her statements are either fabrications and fantasies, or blind faith in what these teachers told her. Her beliefs were then shared with millions of other believers, and that’s how a spiritual belief system was created out of her teachings.

But the biggest danger with the Ascended Master Teachings comes from the fact that most often these teachings are channeled by mediums. They don’t come directly from an enlightened Master, instead the message goes through an interpreter, who most often than not distorts the pure message, coloring it with his or her own beliefs and interpretations. The message itself has to do more with the imagination of the medium than with the ascended master itself.

The only way to know truth is to experience it for yourself. You can’t rely on mediums, priests, teachers and other gatekeepers. You can’t rely on beliefs, borrowed knowledge and fantasies. You can rely only on yourself. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t ask the help of a truly enlightened spiritual teacher. He won’t give you the answers, but he’ll show you the way.

Just make sure that you get your information directly from the source, instead of through intermediaries. The best way is to find a living spiritual teacher, but if that’s not possible you can search for authentic recordings and books of enlightened masters to assist in your ascension. The end goal is nothing less than to become an ascended master, or at least an ascended being yourself.

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