Should you be afraid if somebody cursed you? Should you seek the blessing of God or your spirit guide or your spiritual teacher? In this episode, I’ll shed some light on the magic spells cast by witches, on the evil curses of the voodoo priests, and on the effectiveness of holy water among other things. For a detailed explanation about magic in general, please see my other video titled “Does magic really work?”.

It’s an old adage that the pen is mightier than the sword. Spells and curses are often written down to give them more power, but they can prove to be equally powerful when spoken out loud. You can probably recall at least one instance when you were verbally attacked by someone, and how bad you felt afterwards. You may also remember a time when somebody wished good for you authentically, and how good that felt to your heart.

Words hold true power, they can bring great blessings, but they can also cause great harm. So the first thing to remember is to be careful about what you say, and how you express yourself to others. A blessing or a curse is worth nothing if it’s not accompanied by strong intention and deep emotion. It has to be emotionally charged, otherwise it won’t work.

Perhaps the most important factor in the effectiveness of curses and blessings is whether they’re expressed to you directly or whispered behind your back without your knowing. Note, that the intention is more important than the expression. Even without saying anything, people can make you feel good or bad, depending on what kind of vibe they emit towards you: the energy of love or the energy of hate.

Here is the important part: if somebody curses you without your knowing, the curse won’t work on you. Just like that, if you don’t know that you’ve been blessed, you won’t feel the effects of the blessing. Even if God himself blesses you, you won’t know about it, because how could he communicate it to you? So it’s futile to ask for God’s blessing, because you’ll never know for sure whether God blessed you or not, so the blessing will never work.

However, you may believe that you’ve been blessed, but that’s an entirely different question. Belief is the secret mechanism behind the power of blessings and curses. In scientific terms, it’s known as the placebo and the nocebo effect respectively. A placebo is a substance or treatment with no intended therapeutic value. Most commonly, it’s a sugar pill given to patients who think it’s a real medicine.

The placebo effect is so powerful, that during the testing of a new drug, it always has to be accounted for. In double-blind tests, one group is given the new medicine, while the other gets a dummy treatment. The new drug is only proven to be effective if it can produce better results than the simple placebo effect. If patients expect to be better, they will indeed get better, no matter the kind of medicine.

That’s why doctors say that any treatment is better than no treatment at all. However, when test subjects were told that the new drug had negative side-effects, some people got worse even when taking just a placebo. This is the less often discussed and researched evil sister, the nocebo effect. If you expect to get worse, you will indeed get worse. The same effect can be observed in the condition of hypochondria.

The same way, expectation and belief play a huge role in the effectiveness of blessings and curses. Even if nobody told you anything bad to your face, if you suspect that somebody cursed you behind your back, the imaginary curse will start working on you. If you start focusing on the negative events in your life, it’s natural that you will notice more and more of them. This is called confirmation bias, but you may interpret it as a sign of a curse.

I’m stating here that a curse or a blessing doesn’t have any effect in and of itself. But if you can’t shake your belief no matter how hard you try, why don’t you start focusing on the positive things in life, and search for the signs of blessings? It’s more reassuring to think that you’ve been blessed, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. And if you’re still convinced that you’re cursed, go to a witch doctor or something similar, and get over with it.

But be careful, because there are many self-proclaimed psychics who want to make a living feeding on the fantastic beliefs of gullible people. They will tell you that you were cursed without your knowing, and that’s why bad things happen in your life. Sometimes they even turn to cheap parlor tricks to convince you that something is really wrong. Of course, at the same time they offer you to remove this curse for a hefty fee, in the process of a mysterious cleansing ceremony.

Surprisingly, such fake practices can actually work. If you trust in the effectiveness of the treatment, and you see the psychic or the doctor as an authority, miracles can happen. Well, fake diseases can be easily cured with fake treatments, because it’s all just in your head. If the same local shaman who cursed you now bestows his blessings upon you, your good health an mood will quickly return.

My Master told us a story about the time when she was cursed by one of her relatives for some reason. If I remember well, jealousy or envy was behind the motive, and her relative wanted her to go blind. She even went as far as sending her a photo with my Master’s eyes pierced through. Certainly, she didn’t take it on herself, but some years later a surprising thing happened. She received the news that this relative suddenly went blind.

Like they say, you have to be careful what you wish for, because it might come true. Even if you want good or bad for another person, the same effects will come back to you. But I don’t mean through the mysterious workings of the karma, but through the very fact that if you concentrate on something strongly and long enough, it will appear in your life sooner or later. This is similar to the law of attraction, about which you can learn more in the episode “How does the law of attraction work?”.

I remember back in India, my teacher who taught me energy healing showed me how to energize water. We then poured this charged water into different colored bottles to give it different qualities. For example, the blue water was said to have a calming effect, while the red one was a homemade energy drink. If I fully believed in this practice, I’m sure that I would have felt these effects indeed.

I always find it quite amusing when priests are sprinkling holy water in an effort to bless the believers or some sacred objects. Perhaps they should use a waterpistol instead to increase their range, so they can spread even more holiness around the world. Baptism in water is even less effective, because the baby surely can’t remember the holy act, and the placebo effect has no chance to kick in.

I also find it very childish on the part of spiritual seekers to ask for a blessing from their spiritual teachers. Your teacher is not your father, and instead of seeking reassurance from an outer source, you have to learn how to listen and trust your inner intuition. If you have a question, I’ll always answer and tell my opinion, but I’ll never curse, neither will I bless anybody ever.

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