This one is a follow-up to my previous episode titled “The truth about tarot, astrology and palm reading”. There I spoke about how these tools try to make personality assessments, and here I will elaborate on their role in predicting the future. It’s not a coincidence that most divination methods, at least the more serious ones, first tell you about your personality, and only then about your future.

Most people are living in unconscious patterns, pursuing the same desires, having the same fears, and making the same mistakes over and over again. This is what the Buddhist wheel symbolizes: you are re-living the past, unable to break out from the cycle. So if the astrologer is intuitive, and can assess your character quite precisely, it will be rather easy to predict your future as well.

Until these unconscious patterns are controlling you, you’re really not free, and your future is set and can be foretold. But this is not real life, this is the life of a machine, and you don’t even realize how you’re living it. That’s why when you break out from this cycle and become spontaneous again, unbound by your past, your future opens up to all possibilities.

Even if that’s not the case right now, fortune-tellers say that your future contains all possibilities, but whether a certain thing will indeed happen in your life is uncertain. But then, what’s the use of predicting the future, when it’s only a possibility? It will either come true or not, whether you predict it or not. Death is the only certainty in life, everything else is uncertain. You want to avoid death and be certain in your future exactly because you want to deny this fact.

There are other logical fallacies within the various ways of divination. The oracles of Delphi predicted things in such a way, that it was always ambigous, and you could never be quite certain what the prediction meant. In retrospect, it could be applied to the event no matter what the outcome was, it could be interpreted in any way.

Interpretation plays a huge role in fortune-telling, and it can make it seem legitimate when it’s not. A common method used by prophets, notably Nostradamus, is to make hundreds of vague predictions that could apply to almost any situation. When one of them turns out to be true, they will cite it as evidence of their powers, while ignoring all the erroneous predictions.

Most often than not, the prediction doesn’t precisely match the event, but that’s not a problem for psychics and their true believers. They make it fit in a process called shoehorning, by cleverly twisting and turning the current affair to match up with a past statement. And very often these statements are so vague and cryptic, that you can interpret them however you want.

With this in mind, it’s easy to understand why more concrete predictions, like the end of the world in 2012, often turn out wrong. For a true believer that’s no problem either. He can re-interpret it saying that it wasn’t about the end of the physical world after all, but the end of a spiritual era, while others may see divine intervention into the matter.

In contrast, the more vague and ambigous predictions seem to come true much more often. But interestingly, the connection is made only after the event happened, and not before. If prophets can really predict catastrophies, why didn’t they caution us about the 9/11 attacks, for example? I’m forced to ask a similar question like before: If predicting the future doesn’t help us avoid such dangers, what is its use?

There are various other logical fallacies regarding tarot, astrology and other divination tools. For example, how is it possible that people born on the same day, even identical twins, turn out to be so different from each other, when according to astrology, they should be quite similar? Or how precise do you think it is, when you know that you share your character traits with 1/12th of the world population?

Why is it that 10 tarot card readers will tell you 10 different things about yourself, which are often contradictory? Or that the reader won’t select the exact same cards in two different readings about your future. Did your future change in 10 minutes, or is it all just bogus? And if it changed indeed, then what’s the point of the reading, when your future is so ambigous?

Let me emphasize my point once again: your future is totally uncertain, thus cannot be foretold by anyone. And it’s good that it is so, otherwise you wouldn’t have any free will. Then you would be just an animal or a machine, blindly following the orders of an unconscious program. If you knew that your future is set in stone, and if you knew every little detail about it, how enthusiastic would you be about living?

Then your life would lose all its value, all its mystery, all its possibilities. Your future is not equal to your destiny, because it depends on your decisions made out of free will, whether you fulfill it or not. For more explanation, please watch my video titled “Free will versus destiny”.

There are also some real dangers in such predictions, because a negative reading can negatively affect your future in a very real way. If you’re a very suggestive person, the prediction can creep into your subconscious and act like a self-fulfilling prophecy. And then you can take the blame off of yourself, and believe what happened was unavoidable. But in reality, you are responsible for everything in your life, and you are creating your own circumstances.

I personally would never want to know my future, because it’s simply more enjoyable living with uncertainty. What I do has real stakes, because I will either accomplish my goals or not. What I do has real meaning, because if I didn’t do it, I wouldn’t even give my goals a chance. And anyway what I do, I don’t do it for a future goal, I do it for the present satisfaction.

So if divination is so ambigous, dangerous and meaningless, why do people still want to know the future? Firstly, they want to feel in control of their lives, especially in uncertain times. I however suggest to let go of control and embrace uncertainty, because only that can lead to real change.

Secondly, people are always afraid to make a wrong decision, and they want to put the responsibility on others, or in this case onto something unexplainable and occult. Very few people have developed the powerful combination of critical thinking and intuition, and therefore, they don’t trust their own judgments.

And thirdly, many use astrology and palm reading as an excuse for laziness. They blame their astrological signs for their personal weaknesses, when in fact they could change them, but this would require great effort. Or, they blame the misfortunate alignment of the stars for not doing something they wouldn’t want to do anyway.

So if there’s one thing I’d like you to take away from this episode, it is this: The future is in your own hands, but don’t try to predict it, and don’t listen to others! Live in the present totally, and your life will take care of itself.

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Memento Mori!

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