To really get to know yourself, a spiritual rebirth is necessary. Your body died and was reborn thousands of times, and yet you did not get any closer to yourself. Not the body has to die and be reborn again. You have to die psychologically in this body and in this life, and then you can be reborn with a new consciousness.

Consciousness is the only reality, and there is no such thing as rebirth or reincarnation of consciousness. Consciousness was never born and will never die, so it cannot be reborn, either. It is always one indivisible, eternal unity. From the point of view of consciousness, there are no previous or future lives, only one eternal life. Life is consciousness itself. You are this consciousness, you are life itself.

The idea of reincarnation is based on the belief that there exists a personal soul. According to the theory of reincarnation, the personal soul gets reincarnated again and again in different bodies across generations. But the personal soul is an illusion. There is only one soul which is called consciousness, and it is not personal. Consciousness does not belong to anybody, it cannot be owned.

Even the idea of “somebody” comes to existence in consciousness. Not the “somebodies” contain consciousness, but consciousness contains somebodies. The existence of “somebodies” is an illusion, while consciousness is the only reality.

There is nothing personal in consciousness. On the circumference, the illusion of separate entities exists, but in the center, everything and everybody is one. Consciousness is like an infinite energy field similar to an ocean. This field contains different levels that are also part of consciousness. There is the material, the energetic, the emotional and the mental level.

When the wind stirs the water of the ocean, a wave is created, and consciousness manifests on a visible level. Matter, energy, emotion and thought compose themselves in a new form, and a baby is born. But this movement is only an illusion in the ocean of consciousness.

So the ultimate reality is that you do not have a personal body, energy, emotion or thought. All of these only flow through your consciousness like a wave. But you make the mistake of identifying with them. You believe that you are moving, you are feeling, and you are thinking. However, you only perceive these different kinds of energies, and many times get attached to them.

It depends on your consciousness, which parts of the energy field you perceive and attract to yourself. As every wave has a form, in the same manner, your consciousness can have different patterns. These patterns consist of distinct thoughts, emotions, energies and behaviors.

The form of one wave defines the form of the next wave, and so on. In the same manner, one pattern of consciousness creates a wave in time. These patterns are inherited from generation to generation and from body to body. In this sense, there is reincarnation. The movement happens on the surface of the ocean, but is there a real change in the ocean itself? No, because the ocean will be the ocean, no matter if it is moving or not.

You may believe now that you have a soul, which will be reborn in a new body in your next life. Then there is someone else, who also has a personal soul, which will be reincarnated in his next life. But in fact, you are the only soul or consciousness, and you do not exist as a person, as a separate entity.

You cannot say ‘I’, or if you say it, then the whole universe is contained in this ‘I’. You either say everything or nothing, but the two mean the same. You and this someone else do not exist as separate entities. He does not have a soul, and he does not have a next life, and neither you do. This other person is not different from you. There is only one life, and you are this life.

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Memento Mori!

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  1. Paul Blackmon

    May 19, 2021 (07:05) Reply

    There is nothing in this life that terrifies me more than the theory or concept of reincarnation. Even life at it’s best is a ceaseless struggle for comfort and survival, and we all end up in the same place – the yawning grave. Who would choose to go through this again in perpetuity?

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