Who or what are spirit guides, and how can you connect with them? The first thing to understand is that spirit guide is a broad term, and it includes all kinds of supernatural beings like plant spirits, spirit animals, ascended masters, deceased ancestors, angels and other spirits. The role of spirit guides is to help you on your spiritual ascension, to literally guide you on your spiritual journey.

Some of them, like angels and masters help humanity on a mass scale, but in this episode, I’ll discuss the personal spirit guides, otherwise known as guardian angels. Like the name suggests, this kind of spirit guide is meant to help you specifically, it is standing beside you your entire life, serving as a compass in the harsh jungle of life.

Whenever you feel lost and confused, you simply have to connect to it, and it will always show you the best direction, it will always help you make the best decision. A spirit guide forces nothing upon you, its voice is very subtle, so it’s up to you to become sensitive enough to hear its message, and to invite it into your life.

But even when you hear its voice clearly, many times you make the mistake of not listening to it, and going after your own head instead. When you disregard your guiding angel’s message, it always leads to a dead end, where you feel stuck, and eventually you have to turn back to your true spiritual path. If not, you will suffer a lot, and you may lose all contact with your spirit guide.

But what is a spirit guide actually, and where does it come from? Many people claim that it is a supernatural being which doesn’t have a body, it’s not incarnated. In other words, it’s a spirit living in a higher dimension, for example in the astral plane. But I don’t believe that’s actually true. Spirit guide is a human invention meant to comfort us and explain things we don’t really understand. Let me explain.

On the one hand, it’s very comforting to think that somebody is watching us from above, guiding our every move, guarding our every step. This is the same reason why gods were invented: it gives us a false sense of security, a reassurance that we’re not alone in this insecure life. But the harsh reality is that life is so insecure that it can end in any moment, your body is incredibly fragile. And you’re utterly alone in this life, you’re actually so much alone that nobody exists except you.

But it’s very hard for your ego to digest these facts, because it cannot exist alone, and it wants to live forever. You’re living in a deserted island as the only inhabitant on Earth, and the volcano nearby can erupt in any moment. Who would be able to live with that knowledge, who would bear this mindset and still enjoy life? It’s not surprising that you want to deny these facts and invent all kinds of invisible companions and imaginary friends.

On the other hand, the ego can’t stand what it doesn’t understand, it’s powerless in the face of the unknown. That’s why we tend to come up with explanations even to those things that we can’t really explain. It all started with the weather many ages ago. Cavemen didn’t know the scientific reasons of changes in weather, so they came up with all kinds of sun, soil, wind and rain spirits, and created a whole mythology around them.

Now, if a thunderstorm struck, they could say that the rain spirit must be angry, and if there was not enough rain they had to make sacrifices to him. This was just a clever way of the ego to provide some certainty in an otherwise uncertain world. Ever since, the same thing has been going on with gods, angels and even personal spirit guides.

So, does this mean that the concept of spirit guides is completely fake? Well, not exactly. Here’s the big secret: your personal spirit guide is in fact your very own intuition. Just do some research, and read about all the methods others suggest to connect to your spirit guide: they are the same methods to connect to your intuition.

However, you are so disconnected from your source that when you connect with your Higher Self for the very first time, you don’t recognize that it is also you. You are so divided inside in the beginning of the spiritual journey, that when your intuition starts to speak to you, you think that it’s a voice coming from somewhere outside.

If you make the mistake of externalizing this aspect of you, you’re giving away your power, you’re creating an even bigger split in yourself. Then you’ll start to depend on this guiding spirit, praying to it, and becoming frustrated when it doesn’t show itself. But it’s available for you nonstop, because it’s not different from you. Your personal spirit guide is your Higher Self, and its voice is your intuition.

So the real question is not how to connect with your spirit guide, but how to connect with your intuition. The answer to that deserves a separate episode, so if you want to learn more about this important topic, please watch my video titled: “How to trust your intuition”.

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