In this episode, I’ll share everything worth knowing about spirit attachment and spirit possession. If you believe you’re under the influence of unexplainable evil forces, or in a worse case possessed by a demon, please listen very carefully. For more details about these entities, please refer to my other videos titled “Are ghosts and spirits real?” and “Do angels and demons exist?”.

Spirit attachment shouldn’t be confused with spirit possession. In the first case a spirit only influences a subject, while in the latter, it completely takes over the person. We could also say that possession is the last step in the process that starts with attachment. A spirit would never appear in front of your eyes to directly tell you that it attached to you. Without the existence of a definitive proof, you can only infer its influence upon you from various signs.

According to psychics, these signs include: constant headaches, stomachaches, chronic fatigue, heaviness, brain fog, confusion, depression, mind racing, anxiety, mood swings, insomnia, paranoia, feelings of helplessness, lack of control over emotions, suicidal thoughts, alienation, addictions, and possibly every other bad thing on the planet.

In plain English, whatever your problem is that you don’t really understand, or can’t seem to overcome, or don’t want to take responsibility for, it’s a clear sign of a spirit attached to your soul. But the truth is, that not only spirits, but not even the soul exists, at least not in the way you might think. The whole phenomena of spirit attachment is a total fabrication rooted in magical thinking.

Especially in medieval times, but also in certain contemporary tribal societies, the social code of conduct was very strict. If you couldn’t bear to repress yourself anymore, and started behaving wildly and indecently, shouting and cursing violently, you could always blame it on the Devil, or an evil spirit that attached itself to you.

Certainly, the same psychics who want to convince you of the reality of spirit attachment, are also happy to help you get rid of it for a nice fee. This treatment is called spirit release therapy or simply spirit removal process. Advanced psychics don’t even bother to visit you personally, and now offer distance healing sessions from the comfort of their chair. This way, nobody can know what they’re really doing or whether they’re doing anything once you paid them up.

Surprisingly, spirit release therapy often seems to work, and many patients report that they do indeed feel better. Certainly, this is not because you helped a ghost of a dead person move into the Light, but due to the well-known placebo effect. After all, you can cure a fake ailment only with a fake treatment.

It seems that a spirit attachment can be easily dealt with, but what’s the situation, when a spirit completely takes over the subject’s body? In the case of channeling, this is even encouraged and voluntarily induced. To know more about this phenomenon, watch my episode titled “The truth about channeling, psychics and mediums”.

When it’s not encouraged or wanted, we can speak about the case of a classical spirit possession. The Catholic Church deems all spirits as evil, even if they seem to act benevolently. Subsequently, it labels all such incidents as demonic possession. To cast out the evil spirit from the poor victim, the Church employs a set of superstitious rituals called exorcism.

Nowadays it’s widely accepted not only by the scientific community but even by the Church itself, that many cases labeled demonic possession in the past, were simply misdiagnosed mental illnesses, including psychosis, hysteria, mania, Tourette’s syndrome, epilepsy, schizophrenia, or dissociative identity disorder. Exorcists are advised to close out these possibilities first in a potential case of spirit possession.

However, involuntary muscle contractions, loss of attention and consciousness, confusion and staring blankly into nothingness can occur even when there’s no diagnosable mental illness in the background. This set of symptoms is called pseudoseizure or psychogenic nonepileptic seizure. It occurs due to severe mental stress, caused by extreme anxiety, panic attacks, substance abuse, anger repression, physical or sexual abuse, traumas and other emotional disturbances.

As pseudoseizures are involuntary and come without any physical cause, it’s easy to see why many people may blame the spirits. However, there are also many instances when so-called victims would simply fake a spirit possession, especially among women in Africa. In cultures that expect female submission, this is one of the few ways to get attention and to demand better treatment. Some of these fake spirits even demand luxury items to make the victim well again.

As you can see, if you feel possessed, it’s very important to turn to a real doctor instead of a witch doctor, because there are probably serious mental or physical issues in the background. And if you notice the signs of a spirit attachment, deal with your issues directly, and start working on yourself authentically, instead of blaming your problems on an imaginary entity.

Symbolically speaking though, spirit attachment and possession is a very real thing. And this spirit is none other than your ego. As you grow up, you get attached to certain ideas about yourself, and you methodically create a fake concept of yourself. This identity then takes control of your whole life, it’s behind your every move, it’s behind your every fear and desire, it’s the base of your very existence.

But this is a false existence based on a false premise: namely, that you think you really are who you think you are. Your ego is akin to an invisible spirit who possesses you without your knowledge, and causes bad things to happen in your life. Only by casting away this evil spirit will your true self reveal itself. To show you how this spiritual exorcism is done, I created a video titled “How to kill your ego”. Your ego is the only spirit you should take seriously.

In this free report, I’ll reveal my number one secret to spiritual enlightenment that almost nobody else speaks about. Download it now below, to find out what it is! I can guarantee you, you’ll be surprised!

Memento Mori!

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