However, don’t think that imagination alone will be enough. You cannot just visualize your goals, and sit back in your chair waiting for a miracle. Even if your visions, thoughts and feelings are in alignment, nothing will happen unless you start using your body, as well. In other words, you need to take action, you need to reach your arms for what you want. There is no attraction without action.

You have to use your hands to pick up the phone and have that important conversation. You have to use your legs to travel around the world. You have to use your arms to hug the one you love. After all, if you want to manifest something physical, you need the only physical tool you can really say is yours: your body.

On the highest level of your being, you cannot be defined. But on this physical level of reality, what you do defines you. If you paint often, you are a painter. If you regularly cure people, you are a healer. If you teach kids in school every day, you are a teacher. Remember the motto: see it, feel it, trust it, know it, do it, and finally be it.

Who do you have to become to achieve your dreams? This is the final question on the path to success. Be who you were meant to be. See yourself as the person who achieves what you want, even if you are not that person yet. Feel yourself like that person. Trust that you can be that person. Know that you will be that person. Act like that person. And finally become that person.

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Memento Mori!

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