On the other hand, some people think that the more you can repress your body, the more spiritual you are. This is the other extreme of the scale. These people are overly conscious of the body because they try to repress it and control it. But by trying to control the body, they are controlled by it actually even more than normal people.

They do too much exercise, they deny the body of its needs, they over exert it, and give themselves absolutely no comfort. Under the title of purification, they start fasting and celibacy. Some even hurt themselves physically, get addicted to pain, and become masochistic. This lifestyle is not only unhealthy, but unnatural, as well.

Some saints are revered because they are celibate or they can sit in one position for years. Somebody was worshiped because he could hold his arm above his head for all his life. What stupidity! Saints are not spiritual, they are masochists. They turn their willpower and their aggression against themselves. From the outside, they don’t look aggressive at all. But just imagine how much force, willpower and aggression you need to hold your arm up all your life.

Is holding the urine spiritual? Could you imagine a spiritual person who becomes a saint because he can force himself not to go to the toilet? It would sound stupid, wouldn’t it? Well, to me, holding back sex or denying food sounds equally stupid.

Instead of appreciating the body, they want to humiliate it. Repression is dangerous for two reasons. First, you need tremendous energy to be unnatural, and this energy is taken away from your consciousness. The more you repress, the more energy you need. After a while, you will be exhausted, and you will feel dead inside because you stop the natural flow of energy.

But this natural energy doesn’t simply disappear, it remains hidden deep inside you waiting to erupt. And when it does, it will have so much power that it takes you over completely, and you become an unconscious slave of your desires.

Second, your attention is the most important tool in spirituality. If you keep your attention on your body by trying to suppress it, then you will be stuck at the level of the body forever. Your nature has such an incredible power and wisdom, it has been existing for millions of years. Your mind, your ego, your willpower are very fresh phenomena in the process of evolution. Your mind is so weak compared to your body that it will have to work nonstop trying to overcome it.

By repressing hunger, it will not go away, it will simply become stronger but unconscious. You will keep fantasizing about nice meals, juicy foods, you will even dream that you are eating. By repressing sex, you will become much more sexual, but in a perverted way. This is what happened to many monks, homosexuality and perversion started in ancient monasteries.

But not only monks, saints and spiritual people repress their nature, normal people do, too. Everyday people are not guided by scriptures or dogmas, they are constrained by the conditioning of the society. They are told how to act, how to speak and even how to think. In modern society, almost every natural thing is a taboo: the naked body, urination, execration, sex, birth and death.

They say that suppressing your “animalistic” desires makes you a “good” person while indulging in them is a sin. The whole society, but especially religions, take everything natural in you and turn it into a sin. There is no way you will not commit these “sins” because they are your nature. And when you do, they make you feel guilty about it, and they say that only they can give you redemption. They make you divided inside because you have to fight yourself. This inner division keeps you on the lowest level of your being, and even creates diseases.

The only way to be healthy is to be one inside, to accept and love your whole being totally. In the Hungarian language they express this very beautifully. The Hungarian word for health means oneness. Also, one of the highest levels of spirituality is the experience of oneness. Oneness with all other human beings, with every tree, every forest, every mountain, the whole Earth and the whole Universe. But how do you want to experience this all-encompassing unity, when even your inner self is divided?

In this free report, I’ll reveal my number one secret to spiritual enlightenment that almost nobody else speaks about. Download it now below, to find out what it is! I can guarantee you, you’ll be surprised!

Memento Mori!

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