The fear of death is closely related to the fear of darkness. Humans were living in caves for millions of years, where their life was in constant danger. Any predator could lurk in the dark attacking and killing them.

The discovery of fire ended the direct threat, but the memory of millions of years of the fear of darkness got imprinted on the collective subconscious of humanity. If you can face and conquer it, you will be ready to face death, too.

Going alone inside a cave would be a perfect place to have this experience. Caves are powerful places, they are sheltering and threatening at the same time. They attract but also evoke fear. To enter them is to enter death and to enter the womb at the same time. Entering a cave means entering your own subconscious mind, where you have to face all your inner demons.

Having the courage to face the fear of darkness and the fear of death enables you to face the ultimate reality. The word “cave” literally means hollow or empty space. Empty space is the ultimate reality of your being that you will find inside a cave and inside yourself.

You are in total relaxation and in total darkness at both ends of life: before you are born and after you die. Life is full of struggle and tension, both physically and mentally. You can rest from the stress of the day in the relaxing darkness of the night. Darkness revitalizes you, it fills you up with new energy for the next day and for the next life.

You are afraid of the dark, and you associate it with death. But in fact, darkness is what keeps you alive because its passivity is rejuvenating. Activity drains life-energy from you, thus you are constantly dying. Light is active so it cannot be eternal. All fires die after a while, and even the Sun and all other stars will cease to exist one day.

Your life as a human is just a momentary flickering light at the infinite expanse of the universe, it is very very marginal and insubstantial. Still, you love this life, you love this light, and you even imagine God as light. God has always been connected with light in people’s phantasies, sometimes as pure light, other times as fire or the Sun.

It very rarely happened in history that God was seen as darkness. This is because humans are afraid of the dark, but there were some exceptions like the Essenes. This was an ancient esoteric school, and even Jesus might have belonged to it. According to the Bible, God said: Let there be light! So, it is logical that there were only two things in the beginning: darkness and God.

Life and light were created in the womb of darkness, including your life. Your life as a human will also return to darkness in the end. Light passes away, but darkness is eternal. Light can travel very quickly, but it is not infinite. Darkness is always everywhere, in everything and in everyone. Even on a bright day, darkness is silently there waiting in the background for the Sun to go down.

Shapes and forms are born in the light but in darkness everything is homogenous, everything is the same, everything is one. During your meditation, take a moment to look at your body in total darkness! It has completely disappeared, it became one with everything else. Now you can only feel the body but cannot see it. It lost part of its reality, so it is easier to realize that you are not your body.

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Memento Mori!

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