Before we go into this topic, I have to give you an important warning. I don’t condone using any kind of drug, this information is for educational purposes only. If you decide to take psychedelic drugs, it’s your responsibility and nobody else’s. Always do your own research and make sure to take every necessary safety precaution.

With that said, let’s see how and when psychedelics can actually be useful for spiritual growth. Note that I said psychedelics, and not drugs or psychoactive substances in general. These are not only useless, but harmful and addictive, as well. Psychedelics is a special subgroup that have been traditionally used as entheogens to elicit mystical experiences.

Make sure to know the difference, and dig deep into how each psychedelic works and what common effects it has. The more prepared you are for the trip, the better it will be. Preparation is actually one of the most important factors to make sure that your psychedelic trip will bring palpable results to your spiritual path.

You need both an optimal attitude and optimal circumstances, which means both inner and outer preparation. In the language of drugs, these are called set and setting respectively. The actual substance is only one part of the equation. If the set and setting are wrong, it can ruin the whole trip. But if they are perfect, the same experience can happen even without the drug itself.

In fact, I heard this statement just minutes before I experienced my own spiritual enlightenment. I was attending a conference about psychedelic drugs, and I was sitting by myself in the crowd. When it happened, nobody noticed a thing, yet it was the most significant thing that can ever happen to anybody. So yes, the set and setting are the most crucial, and no, I was not on drugs when it happened.

The essential part of the set is to set a clear intention before taking the trip. As your goal is strictly spiritual, make sure to set a goal around that. Don’t just light-heartedly take it and wait for a miracle to happen. Psychedelics ultimately are teachers, so you have to prepare your questions to be able to receive meaningful answers.

Psychedelic drugs open the gate to your subconscious mind and toss you right through it. All your elaborate denial strategies and sophisticated coping mechanisms suddenly collapse like a house of cards. Your shadow self suddenly blows right into your face, and you can’t turn your head away. Even if you’ve been turning a deaf ear so far, now you’re forced to listen to what your subconscious wants to tell you.

Many people freak out at this point, but you actually need to open your ears and your mind, because it’s an important message. So not every bad trip is bad, it simply turns your attention to what’s bad in you. If you can work through it, and continue working on it after your trip, it can become immensely useful, a sort of shadow work on steroids.

You see, it’s normally very hard to see your own faults, your unconscious patterns, your hard-grained false assumptions in an ordinary state of mind. This is where psychedelics shine, because they put you into an altered state of consciousness where you can easily notice these hidden problems. So one very useful feature of these drugs is that they make your subconscious conscious, and when you integrate your shadow self into your true self, you elevate your state of consciousness in general.

The other huge benefit of psychedelics is that they give you a new perspective on life, on yourself and on reality. Many people are so stuck into their current worldviews, into their conditioned minds that it seems almost impossible to escape from their rigid perspectives. Psychedelics chemically connect those parts of the brain that may have never been connected before. That’s why some people on LSD hear colors or see sounds, which is a phenomenon known as synesthesia. But that’s also why they help you shift into another perspective, out of your rigid viewpoint.

If you’re stuck in a purely materialistic state of mind, even one powerful trip can prove to be very efficient in changing your views about reality. The best part is that what the trip shows you won’t be just a superficial belief but a profound first-hand experience. With that said, if you don’t set the right intention, if you’re not prepared enough, if you’re not interested in spirituality in the first place, it probably won’t help you. You’ll simply regard it as an interesting experience, and go back to living a materialistic life.

However, if you’re a true spiritual seeker, the psychedelic experience can be a gateway into the higher dimensions of life. If you’ve just started on the path, it can serve as a powerful initiation, as a threshold that separates your old life from the new. You enter the belly of the whale and come out as a new person. That’s how it happened to me and to many others, as well.

Psychedelics give you a short glimpse into the beauty of the true nature of reality. They show you experientially what spirituality is all about, and what’s possible if you continue on this path. But remember: if you want to enjoy the view from the peak permanently, you have to get there naturally.

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Memento Mori!

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