You are not a separate island of energy, your energy body is dynamically interacting with its environment energetically all the time. You breathe to let the air refresh, you drink to let the water renew, and you eat to let the food supply replenish. The same way, your system needs a constant renewal of bioenergy. Your system needs to breathe out used energy, and change it for vitalized prana.

If we drew a parallel to the physical body, the aura would be the skin on the energy body. The so-called chakras or wheels would be the organs that move the energy in and out. When a chakra receives energy, it spins in one direction and changes its direction when it releases it. Chakras are energy centers on the etheric body, and they function like receivers and transmitters of the various forms of prana.

There are seven major chakras, about a hundred smaller minor chakras and thousands of mini-chakras. We will learn only about the major ones because they are the most important. Besides the aura and the chakras, the energy body consists of an intricate system of nadis or prana channels. Chakras pump energy through these channels just like the heart pumps blood through the veins.

Like a flower, a “stem” branches out from your spine into the shape similar to that of a lotus flower. Think of your spine like a central branch that the chakras grow out of. They extend about four inches in all directions from their point of origin. As one’s development advances, their chakras will extend further from the body, their frequency vibrations will increase and their corresponding colors will become clearer and brighter.

These channels and centers regulate all bodily processes on a higher level. They are strongly correlated with the immune system, the functioning of organs, the biorhythm, and even thoughts and emotions. If the flow of energy is disturbed in the etheric body, the physical body will be disturbed, as well. From the perspective of healing, the etheric body is on a higher level. When the etheric body is healthy, diseases also disappear on the physical plane.

A chakra can either be normal, congested or depleted. In the latter cases, the flow of energy is in disturbance, and the whole system is functioning on a sub-optimal level. A normal chakra is in alignment with the aura, and it feels smooth and silky. When touched, it neither attracts nor propels energy. You can test this with your own hand, by sensitizing it first, and then positioning it close to the given chakra.

A congested chakra will stick out from the surrounding aura. The sensation in your hand can be bouncy, painful, itchy, or prickly. Its chaotic energy will almost push your hand away, and it may feel unnatural and uncomfortable to leave your hand in that area. Meanwhile, a depleted chakra almost sucks in your hand and leaves you with a very comfortable feeling. A depleted chakra feels like a hollow space on the aura because its energy is lower than its surroundings.

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