The aura, otherwise known as the etheric, pranic or energy body, is really just one form of the all-pervasive energy. I will use the sanskrit word prana to differentiate it from pure energy, which has a more general meaning. The physical body is built on the structure of the pranic body. When prana leaves the body, the body dies. When the body gets irreversibly damaged, the prana also leaves the body but doesn’t disappear immediately.

The physical matter of the body is held together by this dense bioenergy. The aura is that part of the prana which is outside of the body. 1-2 centimeters around the body, the prana is still very thick, and it forms the first layer of the aura. As we move further and further away from the physical body, the aura becomes more and more thin. However, it doesn’t have a definite end, it simply has layers upon layers which extend to infinity.

Energy healers differentiate between the inner and the outer aura. The inner aura follows the contours of the body and can be the most easily seen. The outer aura extends to about 1 meter from the body and has a shape of an egg. These layers are quite arbitrary, though, because we are living in an all-encompassing space of prana, and we are all connected by it.

Just like planets are formed through the condensation of energy, plants, animals, and humans are condensed bioenergy. Our normal perception is that we are separate from each other, we see ourselves as distinct islands on a sea. But deep below we are all connected energetically, just like the islands are part of the same sea-bed underwater.

But as the water constrains our view, we cannot see this connection. Just like we cannot normally see the subtle energies of prana because our eyes are trained to perceive physical matter or the gross form of energy.

This is why sometimes you can feel the energy of the other person, and you say things like: “She has a good energy” or “He drains my energy”. When two people come close to each other, their auras connect and mingle. Their auras interact with each other and start to balance each other. An energy diffusion starts to happen, and the qualities and colors of the auras slowly become the same.

But we don’t always want to be affected by other people’s energies. Usually, we want to defend ourselves against energy vampires and who may want to abuse or attack us. The aura also serves as a protective shield against lower and disturbed forms of energy. In fact, it is the foremost layer of the immune system. When we balance our auras, we automatically help the body heal itself, as well.

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