Spirituality is a broad term, and there’s no single universally accepted definition. The one I like the most is the following: spirituality is a process of re-formation which aims to recover the original shape of man, the image of God. The expression comes from the Latin word spirit, which means breath. Spirit, in this sense, is a clear sign that separates the living from the dead.

This means that if there’s breath, there is spirit. And if there’s spirit, there is life. So if you are alive, you are also a spiritual being – whether you regard yourself as such or not. Even if you are the most materialistic person in the world, you are also spiritual, you simply don’t know about it, or don’t acknowledge it.

Whatever you do, until you’re breathing, you are on a spiritual journey, because life is undeniably spiritual. In fact, it’s even impossible to separate spirituality from life, their essence is the same. Don’t search for spirituality in another dimension beyond this life, because it is to be found in this very life itself.

Spirituality is a dimension inside this life, it’s already here, you simply need to look at it from a different perspective. But sadly, most people are blind to it, they don’t notice the obvious exactly because it’s so obvious. They search for it in divine temples, in holy books, in sacred symbols. But the truth is that the life you consider mundane is already sacred.

When you regard yourself as a spiritual person, it simply means that you are aware of the sacredness of life. But when you’re not interested in spirituality at all, it doesn’t mean that your life doesn’t have a spiritual aspect. Your life is still a spiritual journey from birth to death, and its quality is ultimately defined by how much spiritual growth you achieve until you stop breathing.

There’s a widely known saying in spiritual circles: We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Spirituality shouldn’t be regarded as an aspect of human life. Instead, your finite life experience should be seen as only one aspect of your infinite journey as an immortal spirit.

The end goal of all true spiritual traditions is to realize your own sacredness, your own godliness, your own immortality. Immortology, in this sense, embodies the essence of spirituality, because it’s the study of immortality, where the lab is your own consciousness.

Spirituality started when the first human realized his mortality, and it will end when the last human will realize his immortality. Spirituality is the search for something which is beyond death, beyond matter, beyond this body. It’s a hidden dimension in the fabric of life, yet it’s readily available for everybody in every moment.

Spirituality was originally born out of the awareness of death, and it can be reborn in the mind of every new human being. If you want to be more spiritual, be more aware of death, it’s so simple. And then try to find out what will die and what will survive. What you are and what you are not. What is true and what is false.

But be careful not to believe but to experience. Spirituality is not an ideology, not a belief-system, and not a philosophy. One authentic spiritual experience is worth more than a thousand pages of spiritual knowledge. Spirituality is not an explanation of life, but a life lived to its fullest extent, in its deepest truth, at its highest potential.

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