Wearing my mask is a consciously chosen act. Among other things, it serves to mirror you back to yourself. I want you to see your face in my face. The situation is that you are wearing a mask just like me. But while I know about it, you are unconscious of it. Your mask is invisible even in your own eyes. You already forgot that you put it on many years ago, and since then you identified with it. The mask completely melted on your face.

While I am wearing only one mask, you are constantly changing your masks to show different faces to different people. But you almost never show your real face. You try to live up to the requirements of others to be accepted and loved.

You were born with your original face, and you were an innocent baby. But you put on your first mask around the age of 4 because of your parents. Your parents did not accept you 100% as you were. They had expectations, desires and wants towards you that they wanted to force onto you no matter what. This is when a really important point in your life arrived. You felt that unconditional love turned into conditional love. Your wants confronted with their wants. You had a big choice to make.

You either choose to follow what you really want and lose their love or keep their love but renounce yourself. 99% of the people choose the latter option. So you put on a mask that your parents will love. This is where division starts inside you, and the gap between your individuality and your personality gets wider every time you choose to wear a mask.

The word personality comes from the Latin word persona, which means mask, or literally to “sound through”. In ancient dramas, actors always covered their faces with masks, so the audience heard their voices through the masks. This is exactly how you are communicating with the world right now.

You threw away your authenticity for the sake of your parents for the first time, and you have been playing this game ever since with the whole world. You perfected this strategy so well that you even forgot about your mask. You totally identified with the act and forgot about yourself.

You wear not only one mask, but layers of masks. Behind one mask, there hides another. You have to peel them off one by one just like the layers of an onion. You will find your personal preferences, your likes, and your dislikes. You will find the repressed emotions of the past, your joys, and your sorrows.

You will find your patterns of thought, your belief systems, and your ideologies. You will find all the things you think about yourself, your ego. You will find all the things you deny in yourself, your shadow. You will find your character, and finally, you will find your real face, your authentic self, your individuality. This is the last layer of the onion.

But if you want to know the truth, just peel off this layer, too. In the middle of the onion, you will find nothingness. With nothingness, you find immortality because it can never die. How could nothing ever die? To me, consciousness is not like light, it is more like darkness. Because even when the light dies out, darkness always remains there.

You only cover darkness with light, so darkness and light exist at the same time. Just like during the day, you cannot see the dark space because it is covered by the Sun. But the dark space is nevertheless there and will stay there forever, even after the Sun dies.

Behind my mask, you won’t find anyone. Behind my mask, there is no person, there is nothingness. I changed my name, I changed my voice, and I changed my face. The personality I created is only a vehicle to carry my message to the world. It is only a play for me in the vast theater of life. But I do not identify with it because the one who could identify with it does not exist anymore.

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Memento Mori!

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