The spiritual journey is often messy and confusing, so it’s no surprise that many times you’re not sure whether you are on the right spiritual path or not. The following signs will indicate very precisely, if you should pursue your current path, or maybe change course and find a route that leads more directly to enlightenment.

The first and perhaps most crucial sign is authenticity. On your current path, do you find the teachings and methods to be real and true? Do you feel your illusions breaking down one-by-one? Are you getting closer to truth? Are you getting irrefutable answers to your questions? Do you feel as if you already knew these teachings deep down in your heart, you just needed to be reminded?

All true spiritual paths lead to the discovery of ultimate truth. So the biggest sign of the right spiritual path is that it brings you closer to yourself, closer and closer to the truth of who you are. Being authentic with yourself will be hard in the beginning, because you will face all the pain that you’ve repressed in yourself so far. But only by seeing through your lies, assumptions and illusions will you find your true self.

The second sign of a true spiritual path is less belief and more experience. Many spiritual teachings do nothing more than give you a new belief system. Every time they tell you to believe in something blindly, be very careful! Every belief takes you away from truth, from true knowledge, from authenticity. Belief is the biggest spiritual poison, and it’s very hard to cure yourself after you’ve been infected.

Instead, the right spiritual path takes away your beliefs and gives you experiences. This is the only way to taste truth, instead of just thinking about it. A belief will only help you temporarily, because you’ll feel better for a while, it gives you some comfort. But a belief will never transform you from the core, because it’s overly superficial. It’s just a temporary shelter where you can hide from the inconvenient truth.

The third sign that you’re on the right spiritual path is confusion. Now this might seem strange, because a path should take you towards total clarity, right? Well, that’s true, but before you reach that point, you will face total confusion. Before you start the journey, you have a well-established worldview, and this becomes totally shattered as you move upwards on the proverbial mountain. For a while, you won’t see anything clearly, you won’t be sure in anything totally.

But this is a good sign, as this is the only way to shift your perspective to a higher one, to reach a better, different kind of worldview. As they say, the night is darkest before the dawn, and even if you experience some sort of spiritual crisis, like the dark night of the soul, just know that it will pass if you have a bit more patience and just persevere.

On the same note, even amongst the confusion, you will find intermittent moments of clarity, which is the fourth sign that you’re on the right spiritual path. Remember, I don’t refer to various beliefs you accept, but to profound realizations you experience. The journey is full of aha moments, small shifts in perspective that may ultimately lead to the ultimate realization.

The sixth sign is the feeling of discomfort or even fear. A true spiritual journey is not a walk in the park, rather a steep climb to a peak above the clouds. If you don’t step out of your comfort zone, you’ll always remain inside the confines of your ego. On the journey, you’ll feel dizzy, disoriented, confused, and sometimes even in danger.

The ego is utterly scared of its own demise, and will try to persuade you in every imaginable way to turn back. The ego is made up of artificial boundaries you unconsciously created, and now you’re pushing these limits and breaking through them. If you don’t feel any kind of discomfort on your journey, it probably means that you’re not trying hard enough.

You’ll be repelled from the right spiritual path, but also attracted to it at the same time. Until your passion is bigger than your fear, you’ll always have the motivation to push forward. Fear is just temporary, but the bliss you experience at the top will never go away. You have to give it everything you’ve got, and even more. Thus, the seventh sign of a true spiritual path is having that unwavering passion, that unquenchable thirst, that tireless curiosity that’s necessary for success.

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