Do you want to be enlightened? Do you really? Because at this point I have a hard time believing that most people are serious. The sad reality is that most people don’t have what it takes to become enlightened. I collected 4 reasons why, but I’m sure I could find more. I also brought you an example for each case that I took from my private email conversations I had with possible or actual students of mine. So, let me show you the 4 reasons why you’ll never be enlightened!

Student A sent a short but encouraging email to me recently. He said: “I’m looking to buy your rebirth course. I am dedicated fully towards enlightenment.” He kept his promise, but one month later he cancelled the subscription just as fast as he subscribed, without any explanation. I wonder where his full dedication suddenly disappeared.

Another student mentioned something along the lines that he is now going on a pension, and would like to pursue enlightenment, because he was always interested in it, so why not? It sounded to me as if he looked at enlightenment as an item to tick off his todo list, and I could already sense he was not serious enough. And lo and behold, he also cancelled my course after just one month.

So, the first reason why you’ll never be enlightened is the lack of full dedication. You may have heard from other spiritual teachers that you shouldn’t want enlightenment too much, because then it will never happen. But actually the much bigger problem is that you don’t want it enough in the first place.

If you really want to be enlightened, it has to be your number one priority above everything else. Your so-called life including your work, your family and your hobbies are just distractions that are keeping you in the matrix. I’m not saying that your whole life should be about enlightenment, but it should be the thing that doesn’t let you sleep at night and the thing that wakes you up in the morning.

The second reason why you’ll never be enlightened is also connected to the lack of dedication, namely that you get hung up on the money, energy or time needed. This is what Student B wrote to me: “If someone like me desperately seeking awakening has been living disinterestedly, why are you orientated towards the money so badly?”

This was my reply: “If you get hung up on the price of this course, then you are not desperate enough. Besides other things, the price works as a filter to separate the serious students from the dabblers. But you are welcome to listen to my free videos which I put just as much hard work into.”

After I cleared his doubts and seemingly encouraged him, he replied: “Thank you for your private response. I really appreciate that. Your arguments make sense. I will join the program soon.” And then, I never heard from him again. After assuring himself that I’m not greedy, he must have come up with another excuse in his mind, perhaps that he doesn’t have time for this, or something similar.

Look, I don’t care about the money, I have lost much more money during this whole teaching journey than I gained. I do it nonetheless. You’re the one who cares about money, either by thinking that I’m greedy – which signals to me that you want something for nothing -, or by not daring to put your own money on the line, wondering whether it will be worth it or not.

If this question even comes up, you simply don’t want enlightenment enough. When I was a spiritual seeker, I put all my money, all my energy and all my time into this quest, and in less than 1 year I reached full enlightenment. So when I offer you a solution that is going to do the same for you but in less time and for less money, I really don’t want to hear you saying: ” I don’t have money or time for this!”.

Now here comes my all-time favorite question from Student C, who by the way already started and then cancelled my course once before. He asked: “Does your 9 month program truly guarantee enlightenment? If I don’t become enlightened do you refund the cost of the program?”

This is ridiculous. Do you think you can just straight out buy enlightenment with a 60 day money-back guarantee like a pair of socks in the supermarket? I never guaranteed enlightenment, and anybody who does is lying to you. Yes, I do give you a refund in 60 days, but if you start off with such a question, then it’s better if you don’t start it at all, because you won’t achieve anything, that I can guarantee.

This is not a business transaction. Enlightenment is not a failproof scientific process where you add A to B and the result will be C. You cannot force yourself to become enlightened but you can definitely raise the chances of it happening. Don’t think that enlightenment comes so cheap. Don’t be afraid to give it all you’ve got, because if you hold anything back, it will also be held back from you.

And last but not least, the fourth reason why you’ll never be enlightened is that you think it’s about adopting a new belief. You can watch my videos all day long, you can agree with everything I say, you can even change your views about certain things, and still you won’t be one inch closer to enlightenment.

Perhaps the most common mistake holding people back is that they believe they can think their way into enlightenment. But that’s not how it works, quite the opposite actually! Just to prepare yourself, you have to let go of all your thoughts, all your hardgrained beliefs, all your seemingly obvious assumptions.

But that’s not enough. It’s essential that you do the practices, because without them everything I’m saying remain just empty words for you. It’s not about believing or not believing me, it’s all about direct experience. With this in mind, you will see where Student D went wrong, who straight out said about himself in his first email that he’s still too much attached to his analytical mind.

Nonetheless, he started the Rebirth Academy very enthusiastically, but as time went on, he started to have doubts. He wrote: “It is nearing 60-days of access and I am wondering if seven more months of similar videos will bring enlightenment. From my logical analytical brain – I don’t think it will. The videos so far seem “book-knowledge” type.”

I replied: “Of course I cannot promise you enlightenment, but if you go through this program, you have a high chance. I can assure you it’s not book knowledge, these are my own direct experiences and the techniques I used.

My most important question: are you doing the practices? Because you won’t get enlightened just by watching the videos, that’s for sure. If you want experiences, you have to do the exercises. Your analytical brain has to be put aside if you want to be successful, because that’s what is generating your ego. And the moment you drop your ego you become enlightened.”

To this, he never replied but asked for refund on the 58th day. I’m sure he didn’t do any of the exercises, as he would have seen some results already, but was probably too ashamed to admit it. But he was right in that my teachings shouldn’t stay “book knowledge”, practice is equally or even more important.

So, I hope you learned a lot from these students’ mistakes and won’t commit them yourself. My goal was not to ridicule them but to set them as bad examples, from which you may learn. Don’t let your excuses, fears and doubts prevent you from enlightenment! Prove me wrong!

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Memento Mori!

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  1. Peter Bruce

    September 10, 2020 (00:40) Reply

    I am gaining so much insight from your teachings on the aspect of enlightenment. Sometimes it appears to me that enlightenment maybe not be for everyone possibly in the same fashion as every tree need not be an apple tree. God/Nature/Spirit/Consciousness/life will purpose everything according to its grand plan.

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