If you seek to understand the whole nature of truth, it’s essential to grasp the difference between conventional and ultimate reality. Reality is multidimensional, and you are also a multidimensional being. You are an animal, a human and a living god all at the same time. The two dimensions are not truly separate from each other, because ultimate reality contains conventional reality.

There’s no such thing as a separate spiritual world out there somewhere, just like there’s no heaven and hell. Instead, conventional reality is seen as spiritual from the ultimate perspective. But the problem is that from the conventional perspective the ultimate reality cannot be seen at all, and that’s why most people dismiss it.

Conventional reality is the world of objects and beings that you see everyday after waking up from your bed. It’s conventional because it’s common, it’s seen as normal, regular. On the other hand, ultimate reality can only be perceived by spiritually awakened people. The ultimate perspective is not readily available because of the veil of the ego.

Conventional reality actually consists of two separate but interrelated parts: the so-called conceptual and the perceptual reality. Like the name suggests, the first is the world of concepts, language, definitions, mental images and associations. This kind of reality is purely illusory, and only exists in the mind. It is an imaginary virtual world, that has no kind of inherent reality whatsoever, but still exists, because it helps human survival.

In contrast, perceptual reality is entirely based on senses, perceptions and experiences. In its world, thoughts and emotions have no place, only forms, colors and sensory experiences. You see, when you look at an apple, your eyes only perceive form and color, but then your mind immediately creates a coherent mental image, identifies it as an object based on its borders, and labels it with a word. All of a sudden, it’s not only form and color, but a concept of your mental word, where you can think about it, play with it, and plan with it.

Even when you close your eyes, you can still see the mental image of the apple, which is now part of your conceptual reality. On the level of perceptual reality, all you see is blackness, because your eyes are closed. This kind of reality is true on the conventional level, yet false on the ultimate one.

Ultimate reality recognizes that even perceptions are illusory. Even when you’re not thinking, labeling and conceptualizing, just purely sensing, your mind is still playing an active part in perceiving reality. On the conventional level people assume that there is an objective world separate from them, but an enlightened being recognizes that everything in the world is simply a projection of the mind.

However, both the conventional and the ultimate reality have their own set of rules, and people often make the mistake of trying to apply a rule in a dimension where it doesn’t belong. The physical reality is ruled by physical laws, while the spiritual aspects of life are governed by spiritual laws.

Even when you become enlightened, and see through the illusion of the material world, you won’t be able to fly in the air or materialize things out of nowhere. You’ll still have to go to the toilet, you’ll still feel hunger, and your body will still die. You’ll live in the physical, but at the same time, beyond it.

In contrast, physical laws simply don’t make sense on the level of ultimate reality, because it’s not physical at all. There’s only oneness, only consciousness, only God. There are no physical objects that could interact with each other, no beings that could communicate with each other, and no world that exists on its own.

If we compare reality to a video game, it’s easy to see the differences and the relations between conceptual, perceptual and ultimate reality. Imagine that you’re sitting in front of a computer, playing the same game for hours, completely forgetting about yourself, getting lost in the moment. Your perceptual reality consists of different colored pixels that you see on the screen, and the sounds you hear in your headphones.

The mind puts together all this data, and creates the illusion of space, full of distinct objects, along with the illusion of motion. There is also your character that plays the game, and if you identify yourself with it, it becomes your ego. You tend to lose yourself in this game, and totally forget that these are just pixels on a screen, and that nothing is for real.

Spiritual enlightenment is the realization of this truth. You snap out of the illusion of the game of life, and you start to remember yourself again. You realize that you’re not the character, but the one watching its adventures and playing with it, while you’re actually sitting in front of the screen. I wish nothing less for you than to live conventional reality from the ultimate perspective.

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