I have a confession to make: I used to believe in angels to some degree before I became enlightened. My enlightenment happened very close to the statue of Angel Gabriel, and I had my Immortology necklace made on the street leading up to that statue.

The next day, I attended the International Tattoo Convention in Budapest. I don’t know who designed the poster for this event, but I knew that it was totally meant for me. The poster featured the Heroes Square, one of the main attractions of my city. The central statue of the square, my all-time favorite, depicts Archangel Gabriel. He is the messenger angel, the angel of birth and the guardian angel of Hungary.

On the poster, the pillar of the statue grows out of a huge underground skull, and two bright beams of magical blue smoke twist upwards, starting from the eyes of the skull, all the way to his wings. On this day, Gabriel was born by conquering death and reaching up to the sky on his wings to immortality.

But at the same time, all my beliefs died including my belief in angels. I realized that everything is part of me, and nothing is separate from me. Whether angels exist physically or only symbolically, it really doesn’t matter. It’s all part of the same illusory world that we normally take for real. Oneness means that there are no individual beings, spirits and creatures, everything is only an aspect of you, a manifestation of the one and all pervading consciousness.

This is the absolute reality, but even on the relative level, I consider angels as mere symbols, helping and guiding individual seekers on their spiritual journeys, just like in my case. You see, your whole life is symbolical, just like a dream. Your Higher Self creates this dream-like life for you, but your lower self forgets about this. Your task is to become aware again, to find your Higher Self, to awaken and remember this fact.

So it sprinkles your dream with various signs and symbols to help your journey. Your job is to follow these signs and decipher their meanings, just like when you want to find out the meaning of a dream. You shouldn’t take the existence of angels and demons literally, because you’ll only dis-empower yourself, and each belief takes you one step further away from truth. Regard them as symbols, and learn what you need to learn from them.

There are also various psychological reasons why people tend to believe in supernatural beings. One factor is the powerful combination of denial and projection, written about extensively in psychological literature. This theory states that humans tend to defend themselves against their own unconscious impulses or qualities – both positive and negative – by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others.

How does this play out in the case of believing in angels and demons? Just imagine the typical scenario of an angel sitting on one of your shoulders, and the devil or a demon on the other. They are both whispering into your ears, and it’s up to you which one you listen to. Many times though you’re torn between the two, unable to decide who to follow.

The voice of the angel is nothing more than your intuition coming from your Higher Self, while the demon represents the urges and desires of your ego. One is based on love and leads to heaven, while the other speaks from fear and leads to hell. But I don’t mean heaven and hell as real places somewhere. They are not physical but psychological. If you follow your Higher Self, you’ll create Heaven on Earth, but if you listen to your ego, you’ll soon find yourself in pain and suffering.

If you’re very unconscious, if you’re spiritually asleep, you’ll not only be deaf to your intuition, but you won’t even know your ego. You create a so-called shadow personality, by pushing into the subconscious every aspect and quality you deny in yourself, be it good or bad, demonic or angelic. Through this process, you create three personalities in yourself. First the ego, or who you think you are. Secondly, the demon, or the denied part of the ego. And finally, the angel, or the Higher Self beyond the ego.

This way, you deny both your angelic and your demonic side, but you can still feel these aspects bubbling up from your subconscious mind. You’re so disconnected from them that you don’t realize that they’re also part of you. But your mind needs an explanation, thus you externalize and project them to outside forces. But the truth is that everything is playing out inside your own mind.

You’ll be surprised to know that the original text of the Bible doesn’t speak about demons at all. This concept was a later addition to explain away all the bad and evil in the world. Certainly, it’s much more comfortable to search for the evil outside of yourself than to look inside with brutal honesty. It’s a way to take the responsibility off of the shoulders of humanity and blame some imagined demon for all the misery in the world. This is indeed a perfect example of projection.

Besides, the word angel literally means messenger, and not necessarily a winged human-like figure. In this sense, I am also an angel, because I’m sharing my message with you in this very moment. I experienced a total union with God, and I don’t just want you to know about it, I want you to experience it as well.

The modern angels of humanity are the enlightened spiritual teachers and healers bringing a message of love to the planet. All other kinds of angels are bogus, a mere fabrication of the psyche, a childish imagination. And the modern demons are all those egoistic and unconscious people, like corrupt politicians, greedy businessmen and hypocritical priests, who are spreading the message of fear. Now that you know the truth, it’s up to you who you listen to!

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Memento Mori!

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