“Give a man a mask and he’ll tell you the truth.” – Oscar Wilde


My Message

I am nobody. I am no-body; I am not my body. I am also no-mind; I am not my mind. My real existence is beyond my body and my mind. I am simply consciousness itself. I could be anybody, because everybody’s real self is this same formless consciousness. I am nobody and everybody at the same time. I am. This “I” has a message for everybody. The message is important, not the form.

My message is silence. The greatest mysteries in life cannot be expressed, only directly experienced. Truth is conveyed in silence, and is entirely subjective. For those who cannot understand silence, I use words. But these words are not mine, they are coming from the beyond through me. I already disappeared to be able to show you something.

I want to show you your mask, so you can throw it away. While I am wearing my mask outside, you have an inner mask. This mask is your fake self, your personality, your ego. My personality already died, and I was reborn. I am totally empty inside, yet I am totally full. I want you to go beyond your body, your emotions and your thoughts. I want you to be creative, intuitive and blissful. I want to show you the way to yourself. The way to immortality.

My Bio

Gabriel Dee was always curious about the world outside and inside. At the age of 26, he became a seeker and started experimenting with spiritual methods. Only a few days after he met his Master, he suddenly became enlightened on the 11th of March, 2011. Just like a tsunami swept away Japan on the same day, a tsunami inside him swept away everything he had thought about himself and the world around him.

He realized who he was, and his task to create a mystery school to guide others to self-realization. He became a wandering mystic, hiking alone in mountains and sleeping in caves. One day, in his favorite cave, he found a mask, and he took this as a sign. He changed his name, his voice and put on the mask. Because only the message is important, not the messenger. He created his own symbol and gave his future mystery school the name Immortology™, the study of immortality.

He extensively studied the teachings of great spiritual teachers and experienced for himself most of the spiritual methods of the world. He even experimented with unusual, forgotten and dangerous techniques and sometimes mixed the most effective ones together. He traveled to India to learn more about healing, hypnosis, and meditation.

Later in Peru, he experienced his own death during a shamanic ceremony. Not only that, but he became Death himself in his visions. There, he realized that his own unique method of teaching will be making people face their own mortality, and then going beyond it to experience their immortality. To make this possible, on the 11th of March, 2015, he created the „Defeat Death Meditation” by combining 7 powerful spiritual techniques.