We were all raised within the boundaries of our cultural norms and accepted behavioral patterns. We were all taught the rules of civilized behavior, the code of conduct, and the forms of communication expected by others. The goal of the modern schooling system is not to foster creativity, but to raise so-called normal citizens, who can be functioning members of the society.

States and governments are not interested in the individual, and henceforth in individuality. Politicians and rule-makers can think only on a group level, they see only numbers where there are people. Their interest is to make everybody similar, normal and obedient. This is the only way to guarantee that the bureaucratic systems will keep on functioning as they are today.

The first phase of making all citizens similar is by giving everybody similar goals. What is the normal accepted lifecycle of an ordinary citizen? You go to school, then to university, and you borrow money to pay for the tuition. Afterwards, you find a respectable company where you become an employee. You start as a beginner, and you strive to rise on the organizational ladder while working more and more hours.

Meanwhile, you are still paying your student loan from your salary, but now new expenses are on the way. You move out of your parents’, because that is what grown ups are supposed to do, so you have to buy a house with the bank’s money. You also need a car, because everybody in the neighborhood already has one. With all of these, you hardly have any money left from your salary, so you rely on your credit card for extra expenses.

Slowly you realize that you have just got yourself into a huge debt trap. You have to keep on working no matter what, even if you don’t like your job. You chose it because your parents insisted on it, and the company promised a big salary. But soon you realize that you cannot keep on doing for a long time what you don’t truly like. At least, you cannot do it with a sane mind.

The only way is to numb yourself, and force yourself to do it anyway. You become an efficient robot, who does what is expected of him, nothing more and nothing less. Your main motivation to work is to survive and keep yourself just above surface, and not to enjoy what you do. The funny thing is that the goal of society was exactly this: to make you an obedient and efficient robot.

You create a gap in yourself between your real self and your “robot” self. Between your real desires and your duties. Between what you really want and what is expected of you. You have to be a good worker, a good citizen, and later a good wife or husband and a good mother or father, as well. Meanwhile, your real self gets lost among all these roles.

You pay your taxes, you pay your insurance, and you pay your duties. In the process, you get old, and you are waiting anxiously to retire, so you can finally have some peace. When you do, you wonder where your life went, how time just flew away. It did, because you spent most of it with boring and repetitious tasks that you didn’t want to do anyway.

By now, you hardly remember your childhood dreams, and how you really wanted to spend your life before all the expectations blew into your face. Before you learned how you “should” live your life, how to behave like a good citizen, and how to be a mature adult. Even if you remember some, it is too late to do most of the things on your bucketlist. You are restricted by your health, by your family or by your financial situation.

As you retire, you become an inefficient member of society, a burden. The government efficiently calculates your remaining years based on statistical probabilities and now expects you to die, so they don’t have to pay too much pension. The same society and culture that used you, now wants to get rid of you.

The system gave you their own goals, and made you believe that they are in fact your goals. You are fighting for these made-up goals all your life and you wonder why you don’t find fulfillment. You feel that something is missing from your life, your spark, your edge, your energy.

On the one hand, these goals are often twisted, distorted and impossible to reach. Television advertisements show supposedly successful people living on their yachts surrounded by beautiful women. They feature young girls who make you believe that they lost weight thanks to a new food supplement. The internet promises instant dates and magical money making opportunities.

Everybody promises fast results without hard work. Our culture is set up for instant gratification, everybody wants more and everybody wants it now. If you believe the fairy tales, you expect too much too fast, and you are set up for disappointment. You expect too much from yourself because everybody else also expects too much from you. When the results fail to come, you also become a failure in your own mind.

On the other hand, even if you reach your fake goals, you won’t feel content. Even if you succeed, you fail. You fail even bigger, because now there is nothing else to reach. You reached what society told you was the ultimate goal: having money, power and fame. They seemed so alluring from far away, but from close they seem so useless. They promised you fulfillment but you still feel empty.

You struggle all your life to reach to the top of the mountain, the climb is long and arduous. But you keep on climbing because the hope of fulfillment drives you forward. The moment you finally reach the top, you really feel some kind of joy. But in the next moment you are standing there on the top of the mountain alone and confused. You are used to climbing, used to fighting. This is supposed to be the time of peace and enjoyment, but you are simply bored. What to do now? Where to go?

This is the reason why many successful people become depressed. They reached the goal, but the goal was not really theirs. They were conditioned by the culture, seduced by the marketers and mind-washed by the society. This is why it is so important to find your real goals in life before you try to motivate yourself. If you don’t, you will keep on fighting meaninglessly for a meaningless result.

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