In the last lesson we spoke about the differences between fake and authentic love. You are used to the fake one, so how do you move towards real love? Even if you know the difference, it is not guaranteed that you can make the shift. The real problem is not with your feelings, the real problem is your ego.

Until you are living from your personality, you are fake, so it is natural that your love will be fake, as well. Start living from your individuality! Be real, be authentic, be yourself! Don’t care about how you think you should feel. If you hate someone, admit it to yourself! Don’t try to pretend love, don’t cheat the other, and don’t lie to yourself either.

If you are angry, just be angry. Having feelings doesn’t make you a bad person. However, acting without authenticity does make you bad. Fake love, hate, anger: they can be transcended. But only if you really feel them with your heart. If you pretend, they will remain in your head, and you will remain fake.

Don’t let the moralists poison your heart! Society has been conditioning you since your early childhood. They tell you to be a nice person, to show love, to be kind. For them, this is just a utility to have less problems in life, and to control you for their own convenience. They are preaching one thing, but they are doing something entirely different. They are showing cultured behavior, but inside they feel just the opposite.

The government makes laws that impose fines and sentences on those who don’t “behave”. Christians are given a moral code and they are threatened by going to hell if they don’t follow it. Some Buddhists are also collecting good deeds out of fear. They do good not because they feel it is the right thing to do, but because they are already thinking of their next life.

You are forced from every angle to behave as you are expected to behave, and to be as you are expected to be. It is simply easier and less stressful to be fake than to be real. To be something others expect than to be really yourself. Becoming who you really are is a personal rebellion.

At your core, your being is unconditional love itself. The deeper you go, the more you immerse yourself in it, the more you will experience it. And the more love you have, the more love you give. And the more love you give, the more love you have. So, have more authentic feelings and be more yourself to reach this kind of love.

The moralists have not only taught you how to pretend to love others, but how to hate yourself, as well. This is an even more dangerous and stupid idea, but unfortunately it may have already creeped under your skin. They say that you are a sinner, that you should be ashamed of yourself, that you should condemn yourself.

First they make you believe that you are bad, and then they say that redemption is possible only through good behavior. No, it is just the other way around! Discover your true nature first, realize that it is of the highest quality, and only then relate to others! If you are good, you can’t help yourself but act good, too.

How do they manage to make you believe that you are bad in the first place? They take everything that is natural in you, and turn it against you. You start to deny your own nature, and you become more and more fake. The only way out of this is to embrace your true identity once again.

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Memento Mori!

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