If you’ve been dabbling with the idea of spirituality, but not really sure where to start or which path to choose, then this video is perfect for you. The first question is: the path to where? If you don’t know your intended destination, how could you choose a path? The highest possible peak of spirituality is enlightenment, total liberation, union with God, so I won’t even consider any path that doesn’t set enlightenment as its end goal. Any state less than that is not even worth pursuing.

You choose a spiritual path just like you choose a career path. But your spiritual growth is even more important than your career, so even more consideration is required. Some already know what they want to be from an early age, just like some already sense the right spiritual path suited to them. Others will need to explore the possibilities, to compare the advantages and disadvantages, and try more than one spiritual method. Both ways are perfectly fine.

There are three basic categories of spiritual paths, just like there are only three basic ways you can climb a mountain. Imagine that you are standing in the valley of a high mountain, and want to reach to the top. How would you go about it? As this is a popular destination, there are many services that are readily available, all kinds of organized group tours, but also smaller guided tours.

The big organized group tours take people in masses on a bus: these are the organized religions. Most people choose this, because most people are too lazy to hike up, because the trek seems so tiring. Most people also have a crowd mentality, so they suppose that if so many people go by bus, then that must be the best way, they can’t be all wrong.

If you dedicate yourself to an organized tour, then it’s implied that you need to follow prescribed rules. The organizers can only control people when certain rules are enforced, otherwise there would be chaos, and nobody would know what to do next. They are also envious of the other travel companies, and they don’t want their tourists to leave them during the trip. Almost every religion forbids or discourages trying methods and having ideas that are not their own.

The biggest problem with organized group tours is that the bus simply cannot take you to the peak of the mountain. There are no ready-made highways that lead there, only small roads suitable for walking. The last bus stop is the base camp, you can’t buy a ticket to heaven. With the help of organized religions, you can’t reach enlightenment, you can’t travel to the abode of the gods.

So when the bus stops at the base camp, they tell everybody to get off and enjoy the view. Although you can see the peak better from here, the fact that you came by bus prohibits you from climbing up, because you are not prepared. You don’t have the necessary climbing tools, religions simply don’t provide you with the necessary spiritual methods to go any higher.

At most, they tell you a story of this sacred peak, and make you believe that God is living up there. But if you believe in any kind of God, you’ll never become one yourself. They even discourage you from going higher, they say it’s dangerous or impossible. The priests are the poor bus drivers who preach about the peak, but have never been there themselves, they are only giving you the stories they heard from others.

If organized group tours can’t take you to the peak, let’s see the second option: guided tours, in other words, mysticism. Every organized religion has a smaller mystical branch, whose goal is union with God, spiritual enlightenment, or non-duality. In Christianity, this is gnosticism, in Buddhism it’s zen, while in Hinduism it’s called advaita vedanta.

In fact, this is the category I would suggest to most spiritual seekers. Look into mystical traditions, get to know the differences between the various approaches, try out some of the methods, and find out which stands the closest to your heart. Follow your intuition, find the one that suits you the best, but then stop dabbling around and dedicate yourself entirely to the chosen path. Naturally, I am prejudiced towards my own mystery school called Immortology, so if you’re listening to this, it’s a sign that you should give it a try, too.

When you choose a mystical path, you also have to go on your own feet, nobody will carry you on his back. In the valley, they prepare you for the trek mentally, and give you all the tools you need. You also get a map, so that you won’t get lost on the way, and will always know which step to take next. You also get a guide, who’s already taken this journey, and can help in every step of the way, and warn you of all the pitfalls and possible mistakes. Although the way won’t be easy, you’ll never be alone, and you’ll be equipped properly, so you have every chance to reach the destination.

The third way to reach the peak of the mountain is only for the true adventurers, the real pioneers. It’s also the most time consuming, and usually it takes a whole lifetime, but you’ll know the mountain like nobody else. Basically, the third way is climbing up totally on your own, relying on nothing else than your intuition. You look at the peak, and without thinking twice about it, you just start.

You have no map, no tools, no guides. You use only what you find on the way, you try spiritual methods that you stumble on accidentally. I warn you that if you choose this path, you’ll get lost many times, but if you don’t give up, you’ll find the way eventually. More precisely, you’ll make a new path that nobody has traveled on before, you can be the first in history. But as this third way is the hardest and needs the most courage, perseverance and dedication, I invite you to come to a guided tour with me instead!

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Memento Mori!

Questions and Comments (Strictly ON Topic!)

  1. George Nonde

    December 17, 2019 (06:59) Reply

    Gabriel Dee
    Thank you very much for the Life changing teachings, videos, articles, you have been sending me.
    I must say your work is compared to none.
    I’m humbled to be considered your student.
    I’m joining the Immortology Accademy & be guided by your hand.
    Memonto Mori!
    George Nonde

    • Gabriel Dee
      Gabriel Dee

      December 17, 2019 (08:58) Reply

      Dear George,

      Thank you very much for your kind words! I am awaiting your application, ready to help! Memento Mori

  2. VictorHauser

    June 20, 2022 (11:13) Reply

    Thank you Gabriel. This is a great metaphor for the journey. As a Hungarian refugee in my early years I was full of fear and trauma and thought only organized religion was the sole path. As I grew in years and study, the mystical teachers spoke to me. Now in my later years I seem to have been guided to your wonderful summation of all I have read.

    Memento Mori, Victor

    • Gabriel Dee
      Gabriel Dee

      June 21, 2022 (06:59) Reply

      Thank you, and I am happy you are here! Üdvözlet

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