The biggest obstacle to following your intuition is the lack of courage. Don’t let the mind chain you with its cravings for comfort, security, certainty and control! The mind wants to know things for certain, so it can make the best decisions beneficial for survival. However, you cannot know anything in any moment with 100% certainty. Accept uncertainty, realize that it is already a reality, even if you try to resist it.

After a while, you will thrive on uncertainty, because it makes life an adventure. It is true that your destiny is given, but it is hidden from you, and for a reason. If you could see your whole future, your life unfolding until the very end, would you be excited to live it? No, it would seem like a chore, it would feel like a duty you have to fulfill, and all the excitement would be gone.

Everything is uncertain in life, except death. If you choose total certainty, you choose death. If you choose the new, you choose life. And if you commit yourself to life, life will choose you. You will be among the few chosen ones, and life will support you in everything you do. Few people have the courage and intelligence to live according to their destiny. You should be among them!

You should be comfortable in insecurity, and feel secure in uncomfortable situations. Be secure in yourself first, and then you will be ready for any kind of insecurity. True life starts outside of your comfort zone. To live fully, give up certainty and control!

Humans have been trying to control external circumstances since the beginning of time. When you can control something, you have power over it, and you overcome its power. Certainly, it seems like a clever strategy for survival at first. Why adapt to circumstances, when you can make circumstances adapt to your needs?

Controlling the external reality started in ancient times with cavemen trying to please gods. But pleasing these imagined gods is just a clever way to control them, isn’t it? People started attempting to control all the things they really have no control over. Humans are trying to control the weather, control the masses, control nature, control the mind, control their image, control luck, control death and even birth.

The desire to control comes from fear. And as you already know, anything you do out of fear creates even more fear. The desire to control creates even more circumstances that need control.

Don’t imagine that you will be in peace when you can control things. Instead, be peaceful now, let things be as they are, let things happen, let things come to you, and also leave you. Learn to let go of control, and peace will come to you.

Most people try to control their circumstances and other people, and most of the time they fail. You cannot really control anything that is outside of you. The only thing over which you have full control, full freedom and full responsibility is yourself. You cannot choose your circumstances, but you can choose how you react to them. And how you react decides what circumstances you will attract in the future.

On the surface, everything is always changing, but inside there is eternal stillness. Your mind wants security and certainty while your heart wants adventures and risks. If you completely listened to your mind, it would make you dead just to guarantee your survival. Your mind would take away your aliveness, your spirit.

You should always trust your heart instead. Even though its choices might seem risky to your mind, it will never get you into trouble. Being in trouble is a perception of your mind. For your heart, it is a challenge, where you have to learn something about yourself.

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Memento Mori!

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