caterpillar7This is how most spiritual seekers look like:

A caterpillar with wings. Not very pretty, right? The real question is: are you one of them? I’ll explain what I mean in a minute, but first let me ask you:

  • Are you on some kind of spiritual path?
  • Do you want to know who you are?
  • Do you ponder about the meaning of life?
  • Do you want to experience profound peace,
    unconditional love and oneness with the universe?


  • Do you want to live without fear, and die without regret?
  • Do you want to uncover the true nature of reality?
  • Do you want to be free from the chains of the ego?
  • Do you ever wonder, whether spiritual enlightenment
    is possible for you, or it’s the privilege of a lucky few?


In this short presentation, I’ll show you that enlightenment is
NOT a question of luck, destiny or effort.

If you’re not enlightened yet, it’s because of this one image. That’s why you can’t find peace and meaning in your life. That’s why you can’t find the way on your spiritual path. And that’s why you can’t find the answers to your burning questions.

But I’m about to reveal the three HIDDEN reasons that you probably haven’t heard about before, and they’re all connected to this one image. Now, I don’t know how much longer this presentation will be available, so read it right now until the end, because you will be surprised. Alright?

Something must have happened in the past
that started you on your path…

Perhaps a trauma that shattered your very existence. A loss of a loved one, a relationship, health, money, status or security. An event that left you feeling physically helpless, energetically drained, emotionally wounded or mentally confused.

And now you are in the dark, feeling lost and confused. You have an intuitive sensation that something is wrong with the world, that you’re not where you’re supposed to be, that something is missing. You lost your motivation, your life lost its meaning, and you lost a part of yourself. Do you know what I’m talking about? It’s already too late to go back to your old life, but you haven’t found the new one yet.


It’s not surprising that you’re searching for the light at the end of the tunnel.

The more hopeless you are, the more you’re hoping for a miracle. But no matter how hard you try, how many self-help books you read, how many seminars you attend, you are still STUCK. Do you want to know why? Well, the first reason is that you are not really using these spiritual methods for self-discovery but for self-denial.

You supress the negativity with positive thinking, the emotional pain with meditation, the meaninglessness with spiritual beliefs. Or you secretly wish to solve all your problems at once by magically becoming enlightened. But originally, yoga was not invented to help you stay fit, meditation was not practiced to reduce stress, and spirituality was not meant to give you a belief-system.

Health and happiness are only side-effects of a true spiritual path. That’s why some technique helps superficially here and there, but the real breakthrough seems to elude you. In fact, you feel more FRUSTRATED than ever, because now you are conscious about it. It is all the more painful to see the light of hope, and still being stuck in the dark seemingly hopelessly.


But don’t worry, I am here to help.

My name is Gabriel Dee, and my mission is to help 10.000 people become enlightened just like I did. I wish to stay anonymous, because the message is important, not the messenger. I put on a mask to make you face your own mask, to make you face your own shadow, to make you face the eventual reality of your own death. Because right now something fake and old is dying in you and something real and new is waiting to be born.

I know, because before I found the light, I also felt dead inside. I also got lost in life. I also struggled with depression, fear and doubt. I also stumbled in the dark alone, and I also started searching for the light. I wanted to find peace, meaning and truth, because I simply couldn’t live like this any longer. But at first, I also got confused, stuck and frustrated on my path.

This whole spirituality seemed so overwhelming, that I didn’t even know where to start. I read all the books I could put my hands on, but it all remained just theory, because I couldn’t implement any of it into my own life. I experimented with meditation, but I just couldn’t sit still, and my mind just got noisier. Heck, I even tried drugs, but their mind expanding effects only lasted for a while, and I was back at where I started.

127gIn fact, I felt even worse,

because now that I tried everything, I started to doubt that enlightenment was even possible at all. Did you ever feel that way? Well, I almost gave up on my spiritual journey, until one day a magical thing happened: I met a living enlightened Master.

She made me realize that I had it all wrong from the very beginning: I started from the end. I had to find myself first, before I could ever hope to attain enlightenment. I wanted to jump straight into the light, but my Master was the one who showed me the fundamental steps. She taught me how to be authentic, how to face my feelings, and how to notice my beliefs.

153dYes, it was painful to uncover my repressed feelings, to admit that I had been lying to myself, to discover that I didn’t love myself. It seemed quite counterintuitive at the time, but basically I had to step into my own darkness, before I could find the light. But once I started this process, I knew there was no turning back. In fact, the painful part of this transformation lasted much shorter than I initially expected.

I spent just one night looking deep into myself, and bamm! By the next morning I became enlightened. I found the treasure in a split second that I’ve been looking for my entire life. Suddenly, the whole world felt very unreal, but my presence was crystal clear. That day, everything changed for me. I gained instant clarity, realized my oneness with the universe, and discovered my true self. My old identity died, and I was reborn.

You see, finding yourself doesn’t have to be hard or take long.

devilYou just have to know where to look. The second reason why you can’t find yourself is that you are looking at the wrong place. Start the journey from your current reality by facing your shadow!

You may ask: Is this about using some kind of black magic or summoning dark forces? No, not at all! Your shadow is simply a collection of aspects that you deny in yourself. You see, whatever is holding you in the dark is also in the dark itself. If you could just turn around and shine light on your hidden chains, if you could release your attachments to your past, to your beliefs and to your identity, you could freely walk out to the light.


And don’t think that your shadow contains only negative things!

It also covers all the positive aspects that you deny in yourself: your lost childhood dreams, your hidden talents, and your creative potential. You are MORE than you think you are, and you can become who you truly are by releasing your shadow. The key to your freedom is hidden in the dark.

In spite of this, many spiritual teachers will tell you that you are already enlightened, so you don’t have to do anything. But then, why don’t you experience it? Because they are seeing things from THEIR perspective, and not yours. By speaking about the light they are keeping you in the dark. This is why you don’t experience or sometimes don’t even understand what they are talking about.


So now you may think that the big problem is that you don’t put enough EFFORT into your spiritual growth, right?


How many times have you heard that you MUST meditate more, you MUST visualize more, you MUST practice more? Yet no matter how much effort you put into your practice, the breakthrough always seems so far away…

That’s because the REAL problem, the third reason that you’re not enlightened yet, is that your EGO is using these spiritual techniques. And while you may live in an illusion that you are becoming more and more spiritual, you are actually just creating a spiritual ego.

Do you remember the image from the beginning?

caterpillar7This is what the winged caterpillar symbolises: a SPIRITUAL EGO. The caterpillar is your ego, and the wings are the spiritual methods. But you can’t attach wings to a caterpillar and expect it to fly. The poor thing will fall onto the ground the minute it takes off. Instead, the caterpillar has to DIE so it can be REBORN as a butterfly.

I am not speaking about a physical rebirth in another life, but a psychological rebirth in your physical body. First, your ego has to completely disappear, and only then will you be ready to use spiritual methods. The truth is that you are probably NOT ready for meditation, NOT ready for manifestation, and NOT ready for enlightenment.

All three reasons of why you’re not enlightened yet basically boil down to this: you want to jump straight into the light before you even learned how to walk. Although enlightenment itself is spontaneous, the way to achieving it is a process.

The KEY is to release your attachments,
and simply walk into the light STEP-BY-STEP.

Even if you still doubt that enlightenment is possible for you,

just allow yourself the idea for a moment, and ask yourself: WHAT IF?


What if your mind could be as peaceful as a silent lake, EVEN if there was chaos around you?




What if your self-esteem could be as solid as a rock, EVEN if nobody accepted you?





What if your purpose could be as clear as a crystal, EVEN if nobody understood you?





What if your heart could be filled with love,
EVEN if nobody loved you?





What if you could never feel lonely again,
EVEN if you were alone?





What if you could be happy,
EVEN if there was no reason?





What if your problems could be solved?
What if your questions could be answered?
What if your search could be ended?



WHAT IF? Can you imagine if that happened to you?

rebirthAll of this is possible for you, but only if you go through a spiritual rebirth, only if you become a true butterfly. But just like the caterpillar has to dissolve for the butterfly to be born, your ego has to dissolve for you to become enlightened. The missing link between the caterpilar and the butterfly is the COCOON. And that’s exactly what I’m offering you here.


The cocoon for the metamorphosis
The womb for the rebirth
The stairway to enlightenment



Allow me to introduce the


The last spiritual course you’ll ever need



EVEN if you just started your path,
EVEN if you’ve been on this journey for years,
EVEN if you think you’ve tried everything,
and nothing worked so far.



This is how it helped one of the many students:

What I am offering you here is a real shortcut to enlightenment. You may still think that you don’t have time for this, and I understand. You know what? You’re perfectly right. You don’t have time, because tomorrow may never come.

And the absolute worst thing that can happen to you, is not that you DIE.


It’s that you DIE
BEFORE knowing what life really is,
BEFORE knowing who you really are,
BEFORE realizing your full potential.



That’s why I want you to throw everything else away, and start this journey right now!
Join the Rebirth Academy today, EXACTLY because you don’t have time!

For a limited time, I am offering the Rebirth Academy in a book format!







Ebook + Hardcover



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Do you also want a similar breakthrough?

Then don’t waste any more of your precious time sifting through information, which is often misleading anyway. Just think about it for a second. If all spiritual knowledge is freely available, then why haven’t you attained enlightenment yet? Exactly because it’s so overwhelming and confusing.

What you need is not a miracle, but a first step.

What you need is not an answer, but a direct experience of truth.

What you need is not more information, but the right information,
in the right order, and from the right source.

Not pieces of the puzzle, but the whole picture.

Not arbitrary methods, but a complete system.

Not quick fixes, but a permanent solution.

Plus you need somebody who can guide you all the way.

Somebody who has been there and done that himself.

Somebody you can turn to when you get stuck or confused.

Although nobody can guarantee you spiritual enlightenment, each method in this course is so powerful in itself that it can definitely change your life. In fact, you may even get enlightened in less than 9 months. What I am sure about though is that you will see results starting from day one. While true spiritual growth is never easy, with the help of this course, it gets as easy as possible.
No more guesswork, no more stumbling in the dark, no more maybes and what ifs. Just dedicate yourself to follow this system, put in the work, and rely on its guidance. Gabriel is so certain that this system works, that he’s willing to give your money back for 30 days, if you don’t reach a breakthrough in your life, or if you’re unsatisfied for any reason. This means you’re not risking anything.

guarantee2100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied, you can get a full refund within 30 days.

No questions asked, no hassles, no fine print


Now, I know that this is not for everyone. Most people will do nothing with this information, they won’t take any action. But if anything I said so far resonated with you, then from now on, the responsibility is with you to answer your calling. If your mind comes up with any excuse at this point, just know that it’s your ego speaking. You owe it to yourself to AT LEAST give this a try!

127gRight now, you have a big choice to make, and it’s very important which option you choose. You close this page, forget about the story of the winged caterpillar, and continue to live your life as if nothing happened. Or you click the button below, start the journey to become a true butterfly, and awaken from the dream of your ego. Remember, all I’m offering is the truth, nothing more.

Make your choice! Join me!

Gabriel Dee
Founder of Immortology







Ebook + Hardcover



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