The belief that money and spirituality are mutually exclusive is a common misconception rooted deeply into our subconscious by thousands of years of religious indoctrination. Almost all religions tell you to renounce material things and that money is the root of all evil. But in this video, I’ll show you how money and spirituality can work together in a harmonious way. Not only work together, but even strengthen each other and help you achieve a fulfilling and balanced financial and spiritual state.

First of all, you need to understand that money is the most powerful tool in the fight for survival. It’s neither good nor evil, it depends only on how you use it, and how you relate to it. If you can’t look beyond the question of survival, money will always be the most important for you. And if you don’t have enough money, survival will always be your number one priority.

Those who have plenty of money say that they’re not interested in money. These people naturally gravitate towards the higher dimensions of life: like friendships, love, self-expression, creativity, self-actualization and finally spirituality. For them, having money is a natural first step on the spiritual path. In contrast, very few poor people become interested in spirituality, and even if they do, most do it to help their survival in some way as a last resort.

In their prayers, they ask for this and that, or if they’re spiritual but not religious, they try to manifest abundance, because they were unsuccessful in trying to create wealth in the traditional way. They use spirituality as a lottery ticket which may or may not work, but these spiritual methods often just make their financial situations worse, because they start to blame God or the universe instead of taking the matter into their own hands.

It’s true that money won’t make you happy, but the lack of money won’t make you happy either. It will only create more problems if you don’t have it, because then you’ll desire it even more desperately. The lack of money will disturb your spiritual growth, because your mind will be constantly tense and trying to offer you hypothetical ways to help you survive; after all, this is its main job. So make sure you have enough money to be able to focus on your spiritual goals.

Another important distinction is that money is a tool for life, and shouldn’t become the goal of life. As a tool, you can use it for anything in the material world, even to enhance your spiritual life. You can buy anything material with it, but in the spiritual dimension nothing is for sale. You can use money as a tool to reach your spiritual goals, but never use spirituality to reach your material goals!

All religions have been against money, because you need money for the material world, and they are fundamentally against this world, against this very life. They want you to focus instead on an imaginary life in an imaginary world, and ask you to sacrifice this life altogether. But my advice is totally different: focus on this life only, and forget everything else, because this is the only thing you have right now.

Religions also want you to give them your total focus, they want to hijack your time. Well, time is money, in other words, you need time, focus and energy to make money. They are well aware that if you spend most of your time chasing money, you won’t have any energy left for their spiritual practices. They are right in this sense, but what if I told you that time doesn’t have to necessarily equate with money?

I am speaking about passive income, when money is working for you, instead of you working for the money. You truly need a lot of freetime to figure this spiritual growth out, because it’s a complex area, and you need a lot of passion and dedication, which you simply won’t have without any energy. I was lucky in the sense that I created passive income for myself very early on on my spiritual journey, which allowed me to work on my spiritual growth almost full-time.

Creating passive income can last a lifetime itself, and it’s not for everyone. But you need to make sure to use money to buy some time for yourself, because money can always be made, but time will never come back. So that’s how you can enhance spirituality with money, but what about strengthening your finances with spirituality? Well, that’s all about getting rid of your unconscious mental blocks, but that’s a topic for another day. Even just knowing that money and spirituality can work together can be a huge breakthrough for some.

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Memento Mori!

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