My spiritual journey started at the age of 25, when I had my first spiritual awakening experience. Shortly after that, I created the Immortology symbol, and had a necklace made which I’ve been wearing ever since. On my 27th birthday, I took lsa, a powerful psychedelic substance with my best friend, and that was when my journey really speeded up. There are two separate videos about this trip and my awakening, if you’re interested in the details.

When I started my spiritual journey, I intuitively found and invented techniques to connect with my higher self, however little I knew about it then. I intuitively felt that the best place to connect to my natural side is to go to nature. I have always loved darkness as well, because it has a special softness to it. As a kid, I used to go out for night walks in my neighborhood, and I still remember what a special feeling it was to be the only one awake when everybody else was asleep.

So later on, I started hiking alone in forests at night. Sometimes I would spend a whole weekend in nature, walking 8-10 hours on the first day, sleeping in caves or on top of look-out towers, and then hiking another 6-8 hours on the next day. These were some of the best moments of my life, this was the kind of meditation that fit me perfectly.

My first trip was really scary. I was in the middle of nowhere, far away from civilization alone in a dark forest. Every noise scared me, I even heard a wild boar that I knew could attack me. Besides, it was winter and there was snow all over the place. I wanted to find a cave and make fire, but I lost my way.

Instead, after hours of hiking, I found a small Christian chapel on the top of a hill. Inside it, there was already somebody. It turned out that he was a young Buddhist, who arrived to see the sunrise just like me. It was the day of the winter equinox.

It was about minus 10 degrees, and my socks got completely wet from the snow. We were there freezing for 6 hours until the Sun rose. With the Sun, many more people arrived for this event. It was truly magical, just like all my other trips afterwards.

I trekked to every mountain in Hungary, visited every forest, and slept in almost every bigger cave. The fear of darkness started to disappear more and more every time. By the end, I became totally confident and even stopped using my lamp.

One time, I found a tent of a Buddhist in a cave. He was not there for the night, only a small Buddha statue, and a notice, that if anyone wished to use the collected firewood, feel free to do so. I didn’t have pen and paper, but I wanted to leave him a note thanking him, and writing the following: „A buddha doesn’t worship a buddha”.

On another occasion, I shared my cave with a fox, then with two dwarfs, and the next time with a spiritual group chanting Om. I also traveled to India, where I could taste the crystal clear air and the purity of consciousness of the Himalayas during my treks.

Out of all the caves, I have a favorite that lies very close to my home. I remember going inside with my friends in my early childhood. It was a great adventure, we went to the very end of it at 300 meters deep. Later, during another trek, I found there a mask. It must have been used against the smell caused by the bats, but it was left there because it was broken. I saw a very similar mask in my dream just a week earlier. Something told me: it was left there for me.

I put it on and entered the cave. I felt an inner transformation, I felt like I was somebody else. I went inside into the pitch black, where all the bats surrounded me, and I got into a mystical state which is hard to describe exactly. When I came out, I was almost like another person. More confident, more courageous, and determined to walk the spiritual path no matter what.

When I returned to this cave another time, I noticed a rock formation that looked just like a huge face wearing a mask. I still go back many times, it has become a holy place for me. Later, I attached a microphone and a wearable loudspeaker to the mask to amplify and alter my voice. Ever since, it symbolizes the death of my old personality, and the birth of something new.

About 7 months after my psychedelic experience, I found my Master, who proved to be the biggest help on my journey. Only after one weekend seminar with her, I became enlightened on the 11th of March, 2011. I have a detailed description about my spiritual enlightenment experience in another episode.

Exactly 2 months later, I had my first tattoo made on my back with the symbol of Immortology that I designed earlier. This was my renunciation drawn with my blood. The lasting reminder of a promise I made to myself to follow this path all the way. My symbolical wings that take me from death to immortality and bring with me as many people as possible.

But even after enlightenment, I didn’t stop exploring. My goal was to experience every spiritual practice in the world, preferably directly at the source. I set out to find a theoretical explanation about what happened to me, and to understand this process better to be able to recreate it in others. I even experimented with unusual, forgotten and dangerous techniques and sometimes mixed the most effective ones together.

One and a half years later, I traveled to India to deepen my knowledge and learn from other teachers. Besides other things, I learned one-on-one with a Master energy healer for one month, and I also attended an extensive hypnosis course. After I returned from India 6 months later, I didn’t have any questions anymore. I stopped to be a seeker and became a Master. But the path of mastery is as transforming as the one that led to it.

After you become enlightened, life doesn’t stop. The task is not anymore to find yourself but to be yourself. To integrate this new consciousness into everyday life, and to embody its wisdom. After India, I started an even longer journey. I visited South America for 2 years, where I attended a traditional ayahuasca ceremony, which further helped my transition into becoming a spiritual teacher.

Surprisingly, the most effective spiritual method I found was Death Awareness. After reading the biographies of many Masters, I realized that some of them became enlightened by contemplating on death. I decided to write a book about this topic, and called it The Power of Death. However, I knew that simply reading about a technique in a book won’t be enough. Spirituality shouldn’t remain a philosophy, it has to be a living experience.

So, I combined hypnosis, visualization and guided meditation to give you the ultimate experience: the death of the ego. In the “Defeat Death Meditation”, I guide you to imagine the moment of your death, and you disintegrate yourself from your body, your emotions and your mind, and become aware of what is left. Now, you too can use the secret method of the spiritual Masters in an even more powerful form.

But that is not all. Slowly but steadily, a complete step-by-step system started to form in my mind. A synthesis of all the experiences I had, and a special combination of the most effective techniques I tried. That’s how the other guided meditations were born, which are now part of the Immortology Hypnosis Series.

But I had much more to say about spirituality than what I could put into these meditations. I moved back to my father’s house, where I lived in almost total isolation similar to a hermit, and started writing, researching, and then writing some more. My goal was to create a complete step-by-step system through which anybody can reach enlightenment in a relatively short period of time.

This system is now called the Rebirth Academy, a 20 hour long comprehensive online video course. I worked on it for two years, and I also published the course material in the form of a hardcover book, which is available for the graduates for free. Since then, I’ve been working on extracting even more knowledge from my mind, recording everything I can, and sharing it with the world.

Although I’m still young, I’m already working consciously on creating a legacy, because I want to leave something meaningful behind. I think of death every day, and if you also want to experience a great spiritual journey like mine, then I suggest you do the same!

In this free report, I’ll reveal my number one secret to spiritual enlightenment that almost nobody else speaks about. Download it now below, to find out what it is! I can guarantee you, you’ll be surprised!

Memento Mori!

Questions and Comments (Strictly ON Topic!)

  1. Baskaren Ramachandran

    September 7, 2020 (02:35) Reply

    It is funny, that i have come to a similar ‘death’ meditation after being into most other methods – mantra, siddha pranayama, kundalini meditation, srividya, silence etc. I found the conscious erasing of myself, all that i know, feel and think that i am started giving an expanded consciousness faster than any other method. I practice during my morning walks, and any other time. I’d love to do the Death meditation that you talk about.
    I’ve been consciously and unconsciously seeking one path or another since i was 12. am 55 now.

    • Gabriel Dee
      Gabriel Dee

      September 7, 2020 (12:16) Reply

      Welcome here! Yes, I found death meditation to be the best. You can actually find it for free on my site, just sign up here:

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