There’s a certain stigma attached to spiritual teachers and healers who charge money for their products and services. They are labeled as greedy and fake, and told that a true spiritual person should never take money for teaching or healing. If you also subscribe to this idea, take a good look into yourself, and ask: Don’t I just want these spiritual services for free, because I want something for nothing?

If you have a spiritual business, I see nothing wrong with charging money for it. I spent thousands of dollars with various teachers, including my spiritual master, who is definitely not fake and also not poor. She helped probably hundreds of people awaken including me, and I am also in total integrity when I’m asking for money for the books, meditations and courses I created through hard work. Let me tell you 3 reasons why.

First, let’s see where this belief comes from! Its origin is India, the country with the most spiritual teachers historically. Traditionally, masters didn’t receive money directly for their teachings, and those who did were ostracized or looked down and labeled greedy. The mutual exclusivity of money and spirituality was ingrained so deeply into the culture, that it wasn’t uprooted even when these Eastern traditions were carried into the Western world in the 60s.

But unfortunately the West has forgot about another tradition that balanced free teachings: namely the tradition of donations. You see, in India spiritual teachers didn’t need to charge money, because their followers took good care of them. They provided food, shelter, clothes and everything else the Master needed. In the West, this is simply missing from the culture, so there’s nothing to balance out the scale. You either charge money or die of hunger.

Well, you can say there’s no need to take this so seriously, why couldn’t a teacher work in his or her free-time? That’s possible, but what if you do want to take it seriously? What if you’re so passionate about spirituality and helping others that you want to spend your time with nothing else? You don’t just become a spiritual teacher by decision. You have a great calling, you’re full of purpose and passion, and you don’t wish to waste your time doing anything else.

The second reason why it’s a good idea to charge money for spirituality, is because in today’s day and age, it’s the only possibility to be in spirituality full time. Except if you have huge savings or some kind of passive income, but I guess that’s rather the exception than the rule. So if you take your spiritual gifts seriously and truly want to share them with the world, start asking money for them!

And finally, it’s not just about you taking your spiritual work seriously, it’s also about others taking it seriously. The third reason I encourage you to charge money is again cultural. The western mind only associates value with things that have a price tag on them. And the higher the price, the more value it sees. This is unfortunately how it is, and won’t change in the near future. The sad truth is that people don’t value free things nowadays.

How much free advice have you heard in your life that you haven’t acted upon? If you pay for something, you become invested in it psychologically, you take it much more seriously, and you are more likely to integrate it into your life. I am not saying to blindly give your money to the next spiritual teacher or healer who comes along the street. Choose wisely, but if you feel a connection, don’t dismiss that person just because he or she is charging money.

And if you are the one considering to start a spiritual business, don’t be afraid of money, but take this golden rule at heart: It’s okay to take money to enhance your spiritual work and growth, but don’t use your spiritual business with the end goal of collecting more money. Money should flow in and out like air, it’s an energy. If not enough is coming in, or it’s coming in but you don’t let it out, you will suffocate equally in both cases.

Even though I strongly believe you should charge money for spiritual work, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have anything for free. Take some of your best material and offer it for free, to let people know you and build trust, and then they’ll become open for the serious work.

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