There were many rebellions in history, but none of them were as great as the rebellion of the spiritual seeker. If you are an authentic seeker of truth, you have to become a rebel. There’s no other way, because the world is full of lies. In this episode I’ll show you what this spiritual rebellion is all about and how to make it succeed.

According to the dictionary, a rebel is a person who resists any authority, control, or tradition. The word comes from rebellis, which means a fresh declaration of war by the defeated. Even if your life seems peaceful from the outside, there’s an invisible war that’s been going on since the beginning of mankind.

This war is not fought by swords but by words. This war is not fought violently but silently. This war is not fought for territories but for ideologies. In this war, nobody dies yet people are kept dead alive. In this war, there are no winners, only losers. In this war, there are no casualties except for your soul.

This is spiritual warfare, and no matter where you were born, no matter where you live, no matter who you are, you are part of it. If you don’t know about it, you are already defeated. If you’re unaware of it, it means the enemy already won, and yet they haven’t gained anything from their victory.

You were born a rebel just like everybody else. As a child, you still had the clarity to see what’s really going on in this world. You still resisted what you didn’t want to do, you still spoke up against all the nonsense, you still demanded justice when you weren’t treated right. You were born as a free spirit, but by-and-by society enslaved you.

The moment you arrived to this planetary prison, you were labeled and given a name. Your name instantly divided you from the rest of existence, and although for a while you were still living in oneness, they slowly hammered this idea into your consciousness until finally you believed it: that you are a separate being with a separate body and a separate identity. Your label wasn’t burnt into your arm, it was burnt into your mind instead, from where it’s even more difficult to delete.

But that was just the start. As you grew up, society attacked your free spirit from every direction. They emotionally blackmailed you, overwhelmed you, threatened you. They made you dependent on them, they made you believe that you can’t stand on your own, that without them you don’t have a chance to survive.

And what gives these people authority? Just because they were on this planet before you, doesn’t make them wiser. They are also slaves who were enslaved by the generation before them, and now they want to enslave you as well. They are afraid to die, so they want to enforce their ways, their culture, their traditions upon you so that they can live on through you even after death.

But I say: let their stupid traditions, their made-up culture, their superstitious religions die! Yes, you are defeated but only if you give up, only if you accept your defeat. You can still awaken to this psychological slavery, you can still stand up for yourself, you can still become a rebellious child again. Declare a fresh spiritual war against the whole world to free your soul!

And it’s not enough to be against just the government. Unknowingly, the entire world is part of this secret conspiracy. It’s so secret that even the conspirators don’t know about it! It’s not an evil masterplan invented by some crazy people in a dark cave or by a circle of powerful people at a secret meeting. It’s more like a decentralized virus which is spreading from human to human, from generation to generation, word by word.

Compared to spiritual awakening, revolutions look like child’s play. Revolution is just a revolt, a reaction, a one-dimensional small change in the political system. But spiritual rebellion is a total transformation in every dimension of your being. Revolutions happen on the periphery of society, but awakening penetrates deep into your heart, it reaches your core, it shakes your very foundation.

Revolution comes from the word revolve which means to turn around or to move in a circular orbit.
Most revolutionaries fail, but even when they succeed, they will also fail ultimately. Things only seemingly change, but actually the same thing returns in a different form. Power corrupts the winners, who will commit the same mistakes as their predecessors.

There can’t be a successful outer revolution without a deep inner rebellion first. You have to get rid of greediness, envy, and lust for power first, if you want them to disappear from the world. You yourself need to become more conscious first if you want to awaken the world from this unconscious slavery. The first is to be transformed within, only then can you transform the without.

Awakening is an inner rebellion. It is silent, it is peaceful, it is invisible. But it is the greatest rebellion, because your biggest chains are also mental. You are living in the prison of your mind, its walls are constructed by ideologies, its bars are made of beliefs, its locks are forged from false notions.

It’s the greatest rebellion, because you have to fight it all alone against the whole world. Almost everybody is corrupted, ignorant and blind. Perhaps nobody will help you, nobody will understand you, nobody will stand on your side. But you are awakening to your true individuality anyway, so this will only help you discover it quicker.

Awakening is the greatest rebellion also because it requires the greatest courage, persistance and authenticity. You are turning against the dead past, including your own past, your own cherished beliefs, your very identity. It’s not a walk in the park, it’s a jump into the dark where you don’t even suspect what’s waiting for you. But be brave and jump anyway, because freedom is waiting for you on the other side.

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Memento Mori!

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  1. George Nonde

    August 4, 2020 (08:22) Reply

    Your deep & simple way of your teaching always lifts the Soul.
    I’ve met you at the right time.I couldn’t help but to feel a wave of joy run through my veins at the Truth of your words.
    When the student is ready the Teacher appears.
    Memento Mori!!

    • Gabriel Dee
      Gabriel Dee

      August 14, 2020 (02:52) Reply

      Memento Mori!

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