Life is a universal quest for truth. Death is an integral part of life. Facing death is the way to truly live. Belief is the barrier to true knowledge. The ego is a mask created by society. Dropping it is the door to immortality. Consciousness is the only reality. Rebirth is not physical but psychological. Liberation is possible in this lifetime.

These are the 9 tenets of Immortology. These are not merely beliefs, at least not for me. These statements are based on my own direct experience. They are not commandments, because they don’t tell you what to do. Commandments are for unconscious people who need to be controlled by a higher authority.

These 9 tenets form the basic worldview in Immortology, a way to look at things, an attempt to make sense of the seemingly chaotic existence around us. I’m not asking you to adopt my worldview superficially, merely to offer you a possibly helpful perspective. Now, let me explain the tenets one-by-one.

The first tenet says: Life is a universal quest for truth. If you are a true spiritual seeker, then your life is about finding truth. It’s about finding the answers to your existential questions, like who you are, and what is life itself. Even those who live unconsciously will eventually have to face these questions, if not sooner than at least on their deathbeds.

So then, what is life? If I wanted to answer shortly, I would say that it’s God playing hide and seek with himself. But this God is not a bearded figure sitting somewhere up on a cloud. This God is none other than you. And this is the truth you’re searching all your life. And when you find it, you also find yourself at the same time.

The second tenet says: Death is an integral part of life. This God that you are has only one essence but many forms. And to be able to play the game, the individual forms have to be renewed, the unique perspectives have to be refreshed. That’s why on the conventional level of reality, death is necessary for life.

The third tenet continues: Facing death is the way to truly live. Perhaps this is the point that I keep hammering the most. As death is natural and inevitable, you should expect it instead of hiding away from it. Denying death makes life a wasted opportunity.

Everybody can live, that’s not a big deal, you didn’t do anything to be born. But to be truly alive? To live with passion, to live with purpose, to live with power? Now that’s a rare thing. If you want to belong among the few, then the best thing you can do is to face death, and to do it often.

The fourth tenet of Immortology is the most important signpost on the way to finding truth. It says: Belief is the barrier to true knowledge. Again, there’s a basic distinction to make between ordinary and true knowledge. 90% of the things you claim to know you only believe. Only about 10% of what you know do you really know without any doubt, without any question, without relying on others.

Your worldview is based on your beliefs, and your reality is based on your worldview. Beliefs are always limiting, you close yourself into the prison of your mind, and you peek out through a narrow window. The reason why you don’t find answers is because of your limited worldview. That’s why I’m so much against beliefs, and stress the importance of direct experience, skepticism and critical thinking instead.

The biggest, strongest and most convincing belief that you have is about yourself. That’s the message of the fifth tenet: The ego is a mask created by society. The ego is a false belief about your true self. As you grew up, society offered you various beliefs about yourself, which you adopted, molded into a coherent belief-system and glued onto your face to fit into society. Now this fake mask defines who you are, because even if you look into the mirror, you can’t see your true face anymore.

But not all hope is lost. The tenet continues: Dropping it is the door to immortality. Dropping your beliefs about who you are opens the doors of your prison. Killing your ego is an essential goal in all true mystery schools. It’s the master key that unlocks the secrets of existence. You can be finally free, unbound by your limiting beliefs.

Immortality doesn’t refer to an infinite bodily life extension. Instead, it stands for spiritual immortality which is an inherent quality of your innermost being. You are already immortal, you just have to realize it. And the only way is to drop the mask of your personality.

When this happens, you not only reach immortality but spiritual enlightenment, as well. This is when you realize the seventh tenet of Immortology: Consciousness is the only reality. Consciousness is all there is, all there ever was and all there ever will be. Life is this consciousness, you are this consciousness, and everything and everybody is this consciousness. This is the truth you’ve been seeking all your life.

The next tenet tells us an important information about the view of the afterlife: Rebirth is not physical but psychological. Immortology has no concept of an afterlife, be it reincarnation, heaven or hell. These are just beliefs and we cannot know whether they are really true. So the most logical thing to do is to suppose that they don’t exist and concentrate on this life with full attention.

Not the body has to die and be reborn again. You have to die psychologically in this body and in this life, and then you can be reborn with a new consciousness. For enlightenment to happen, there’s no need to wait for another life which may not come at all. You need to grab this moment, because that’s all that you have, that’s all that is present, that’s all that is certain.

And it’s not just a fantasy, it’s a true possibility, as the last tenet confirms: Liberation is possible in this lifetime. Liberation, enlightenment, moksha: they all mean the same thing: freedom from suffering, freedom from seeking, freedom from death. Freedom to laugh, freedom to love, freedom to live. To be free, to truly be.

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Memento Mori!

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  1. Peter Bruce

    May 17, 2020 (08:46) Reply

    This is the truth. I fully agree with these tenets, and they reflect my own understanding and take on life. I am absolutely convinced that Death and Life are one and the same thing. The One cannot exist without the other. Consequently, it is correct to see Death as an integral part of life. Certainly, we must work progressively and effectively to destroy the Ego before it destroys the human race.

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