Are you going through a spiritual awakening, and don’t understand why you feel so miserable, when you’re supposed to be in this beautiful place filled with love and light? You may feel lonely, confused, exhausted, anxious and even depressed. This is a sign that you may be going through a period called the dark night of the soul. In this episode, I’m going to explain what it is, why it happens, and how to get out of it quickly and smoothly.

The first thing to understand is that the dark night of the soul is a natural and necessary stage on the path of awakening. It usually comes about after you’ve been on the spiritual journey for a while, so it may feel like a step backwards, but it’s not. It’s an important milestone, so you should embrace it and strive to understand, even if it seems difficult at first.

In my online spiritual course called the Rebirth Academy, there are 4 steps leading up to the stage of the dark night, which I call the stage of death. But it’s not a real death, it’s only symbolic. It signifies the death of the ego, your false self-identity which was never alive in the first place. But as you still identify with it, it may seem very terrifying for you to lose this self.

Nonetheless, in this stage you are already in the process of losing yourself, and by the culmination of the dark night, you will lose your ego completely. You are in this limbo, in this spiritual void, where you don’t know who you are, because your old self is already gone, and your new self hasn’t appeared yet.

Just hold on a little more, let the old fall apart, and let the new come into your life naturally. If you stop grasping for the known and stop resisting the unknown, the process will run its path automatically.

You are experiencing the dark night of the soul not because you’ve fallen off the spiritual path, but just the opposite: because you’ve made enough progress and now you’re ready for it. You are finally ready to see the truth, no matter how blinding it is, no matter how it hurts. The truth that your whole life, your whole personality, your whole reality is a lie.

It’s not surprising that you get disillusioned by the things you formerly took for granted. You may experience many symptoms, including the feeling of indifference, anxiety, spiritual depression, emptiness, meaninglessness, loneliness and fear of death. I created a separate video about each of these symptoms, you can search for them to learn more.

What’s crucial to understand is that the dark night of the soul is not about your soul at all. It’s about the disintegration and death of your ego, so that your soul can shine in the light of consciousness in all its glory. So many spiritual seekers want to be transformed, want to be reborn. But without death, there’s no rebirth either.

As your ego, you are currently like a caterpillar, living its life unconsciously, crawling in the dirt, stuck in materialism. As you evolve spiritually, and go through painful life experiences, or take on a conscious spiritual path, your consciousness reaches a certain maturity. When the caterpillar stops growing, it creates a cocoon around itself, which in your case is equal to the resting stage of the dark night.

Your old life disintegrates to make way for something else. The spiritual depression is really just a cocoon that protects and transforms you, so there’s no sense to resist it. It’s just a temporary phase in your evolution, a shielding womb for your metamorphosis so you can emerge as a butterfly when it’s finally over.

Another empowering way to look at the dark night of the soul is to compare it to a sort of spiritual womb. The older you get, the more things your ego identifies with. First it was your name, then your gender, your nationality, your memories, your aspirations, and everything included in your life story: basically everything you tell yourself about yourself.

Now imagine that as you walk on the spiritual path, you also become younger and younger, until a point when you suddenly find yourself in your mother’s womb again. This is before you acquired your likes and dislikes, interests, hobbies, experiences and even your name. In a sense, this is exactly what happens in the dark night: you are in a dark womb, you are this pure consciousness, before your birth, and before your ego formed.

But now every possibility is wide open for you. You can restart life, you can be anything you want to be, you can be your true authentic self. You revert back into this pure, formless and innocent being, who you always were, you just forgot. And one day, you will glimpse the light at the end of the tunnel, a new life starting at the end of the birth canal, and you will experience a beautiful spiritual rebirth.

With that in mind, it’s already much easier to deal with this process. Awareness brings understanding, and understanding brings acceptance. In fact, the worst thing you can do during the dark night of the soul is to resist it and try to run away from it. By doing this, you only prolong your own suffering, because you’re just trying to escape the truth that eventually you will have to face anyway.

Think about it: if you had to spend a real-life dark night alone in the middle of the forest, how would you survive it? In this state, you can’t see anything clearly, so if you started running around, you would surely stumble in something in no time. You would just create an even bigger mess, you would hurt yourself, and you would become even more afraid.

The key to survive such a situation is to remain calm, to remain in one place, to remain in the middle of the dark. To embrace the darkness instead of fighting it, to become one with the blackness instead of searching for some light desparately. If you can relax into the night, a new day will dawn upon you, and you don’t even have to do anything, simply wait it out.

Darkness can be frightening at first, but it also has its own beauty. In complete darkness, the familiar world you got accustomed to simply disappears. The borders of your body also melt into the surroundings, and everything becomes one thick homogenous blackness.

Darkness helps you realize that you’re not equal to your body, not even to your thoughts. You’re not your perceptions, you are the one, having perceptions. You are this borderless, timeless and limitless presence in the middle of nothingness. The reason why everything around you goes dark is for you to be able to see the light within.

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Memento Mori!

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