The aura has no borders, but it has many layers on top of each other like the layers of an onion. The physical body itself is the first border of the vibrational energy field, where it is the most dense. The second layer is the inner aura just beyond the physical body, and it makes up the so-called etheric body.

The outer aura, the third layer, makes up the astral or emotional body, and it consists of emotions. The fourth layer is called the mental body which consists of thoughts, ideas, concepts and abstractions. Beyond this last layer, the aura becomes impersonal and universal. Consciousness in this stage is said to reside in the causal body, in a state of bliss, peace, and happiness.

These are the five types of bodies your consciousness occupies all the time and at the same time. It depends on your attention which of these bodies become your reality in any given moment. It is easier to understand them if you think about them like five aspects of consciousness.

In this sense, your physical body is just one aspect of reality, but not the ultimate one. When your consciousness is fixed on the physical plane, you perceive your body as real. But in your dreams, your astral body becomes just as real for you until you are asleep.

I already spoke a lot about the physical and the etheric bodies. From the perspective of your physical body, you perceive everything as matter, while looking from the etheric one, everything seems and feels to be energy. The next layer in your aura is the emotional body, living in the third plane of consciousness, the astral world. Your emotions are directly affecting your energy body, as we will see in the next lesson in detail.

Changes in your emotions can be observed in your outer aura as different colors. The astral world simply means your emotional world, and the collection of the conscious and subconscious fears and desires you carry within yourself. In those moments when you get carried away by emotion, your consciousness actually focuses on the emotional plane.

Besides, you visit the astral world every night when you dream. Your consciousness leaves the physical and the etheric bodies and manifests inside an astral body. This simply means that it fixes itself in this aspect of reality, and this becomes your only reality until you wake up from the dream. This gives you a chance to realize and experience your subconscious emotions.

The next aspect of consciousness is the mental body, and it is connected to the plane of the intellect. Every time you think, you are in your mental body, it is not something outside of you. In fact, you are the consciousness that focuses on different planes of existence, pays attention to various aspects of reality, and thus fixes itself in different bodies.

You are none of your bodies, you are beyond all of them. Your consciousness is not inside the bodies, especially not in the physical one. Your different bodies are different fixations of your consciousness, thus your bodies can be said to be inside consciousness. The very goal of this academy is to disrupt these mental fixations and liberate your consciousness from all identifications.

You can be only in one body at a time, so when you think, you actually leave your physical body in a way. In this case, you become unconscious of the physical plane, but your body can still function automatically. For example, you may take a long walk on a road you know very well.

Meanwhile, you start to think about something, and you get lost in your thoughts. When you arrive, you realize that you came all the way without actually paying any attention to the road itself. You suddenly come back from the mental plane to your physical body.

The mental body is even more subtle than the emotional one. That is why changing a thought is quicker than changing an emotion. Furthermore, thoughts are more objective than emotions, because they are further away from the center, which also means that they can be shared more easily with others. The mental body is the center of the mind, intellect, logic, analysis, reasoning, knowledge and the ego.

The last veil in the aura system is the causal or spiritual body. It doesn’t have a border, as it encompasses everything and everyone. It is the level of pure bliss, happiness, and wisdom. This is the abode of pure awareness, the sense of I am. Consciousness detaches itself from everything, including the body, the energy, the emotions, the thoughts and even the ego. It becomes liberated as it moves beyond all the other planes of existence and experiences itself.

Some people experience this state in deep meditation, while everybody is on the causal plane during deep sleep. The causal body is what really connects all of us because this is the point where consciousness is in a unified state.

This means that the illusion of a personal consciousness along with a personal reality disappears, and it becomes universal. While everybody has a separate and distinct physical, etheric, emotional and mental body, only one spiritual body exists. When consciousness dwells in it, you become one with everybody else. You realize that only this consciousness exists, and you are this consciousness itself.

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Memento Mori!

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    Very informative and eye opening

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      Thank you!

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