Most people in this world seek power, fame and money, but even when they find these, they don’t feel the kind of fulfillment they were initially hoping for. A few intelligent individuals realize this on the way, or even at its very beginning. They turn away from the material world, and start the so-called spiritual search.

At first, you maybe simply curious about the deeper questions of life. But once you get a real taste of the spiritual side of life, there’s no turning back. Spiritual seeking is unlike any other drive in life. It’s greater than any thirst, it’s more urging than any hunger, it’s more passionate than any lust. It completely stirs, overwhelms, and then consumes you. It’s like a splinter in your brain that makes you restless, like an invisible magnet that attracts you, like an irresistible woman who seduces you.

A true spiritual search always starts by admitting to yourself your lack of knowledge. It comes with the realization that before, you only thought you knew, but now you want to know for real. You want to find answers, to get to know yourself and the true nature of reality. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a spiritual seeker, these questions will always be there on the back of your mind.

However, while a seeker aims to be more conscious, a regular person wants to forget about these questions altogether by making himself more unconscious. He distracts himself with his life and all that comes with it: including work, entertainment and family, sometimes with drugs, alcohol and sex. These serve as an escape from the questioning mind, they are tools for feeling content, although only temporarily.

You see, only a fully unconscious or a fully conscious individual can be fully content. In both cases, the mind is at rest and peaceful. But to make yourself fully unconscious, you would have to sink to the level of a fool or an animal. The other, preferred way is to become so conscious that nothing can disturb your peace.

Many spiritual teachers will tell you to simply stop the search, because you already have all the answers inside you. While that’s true, you still have to find them inside yourself, because at the moment, you’re not conscious of them. If you just stop the search, you’ll simply slide back into your old life, and you’ll try to ignore your questions again.

The problem is not the spiritual search itself, the problem lies within your approach. When you search for truth, it’s evident that you don’t know it, otherwise you wouldn’t search for it. But you presuppose an idea of the truth, which is most often than not false. It’s no surprise that you don’t find this false version of truth, because it doesn’t exist anywhere.

If you want to find truth, search for the false from the very beginning! When you find the false, the truth will become self-evident. Clear away the false, and the truth will emerge on its own. The ego is like a magic trick that you play on yourself. Once you know how it works, you’ll never fall for the trick again.

Many seekers imagine spiritual knowledge as some kind of fairy land somewhere out there, far away from the known world. They are seeking for the promised kingdom, for the mythical city of El Dorado, where everything is made of gold. The typical spiritual seeker is just like an adventurer looking for the lost city full of treasure. But just like El Dorado was never found, you’ll also never find your inner treasure with this approach.

Those who found real gold, didn’t succeed randomly or by sheer luck. They also didn’t travel to faraway lands, they simply went to a nearby river, pulled up their shirts and started digging in the mud. Instead of hoping for a shortcut, they put in some real work and shoveled the mud endlessly day and night. Although their end goal was finding gold, they knew that the gold was covered in mud.

So they didn’t focus on the gold at all, because they knew they would never just magically find it. They focused on the mud, filtered it, and then threw it back into the river until only the gold remained. Many of them became rich, while the dreamers looking for El Dorado remained poor and disappointed.

You have to approach spiritual search with the attitude of a gold digger. Look into your unconscious, and uncover all the false beliefs, assumptions and lies that you’ve been collecting like a dirty river. Filter out the mud of your consciousness to let the golden nuggets of wisdom reveal themselves.

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Memento Mori!

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