The ONLY Book You Need for Lasting Motivation, Personal Transformation
and Spiritual Growth

Do you want to change your life, but constantly lose motivation? Are you trying to find or transform yourself? Are you seeking spiritual enlightenment? Stop the search, and get the book now!

The Power of Death will show you a revolutionary method to reach all of the above and more. This technique was invented by the Buddha, but it has not been widely used, because it seems so contradictory and radical at first. However, the lives of millions of people is the proof that it works. Although it „happened” to them by accident, now you can learn to use it consciously at will.

This is the secret of the greatest spiritual teachers that they hardly talk about, but that led to their own enlightenment. You probably didn’t hear about this method before, and this information is not available elsewhere in such a comprehensive form. Steve Jobs said that this was his most important tool to help him make big choices in life. It is simple, and you can do it, too. You are about to discover:

  • How to develop lasting motivation effortlessly without willpower
  • How to live an authentic and meaningful life instead of just surviving
  • How to eradicate all of your fears, and have the courage to be yourself
  • Why personal development is a trap, and radical transformation is the only way
  • Why belief is the greatest barrier in spiritual growth, and how to go beyond it
  • How to recognize the different games of the ego, and stop cheating yourself
  • How to develop real compassion without „trying” to be a good person

This is the Master Key That Will Unlock the
7 Doors to Spiritual Growth All at Once

Even if you are not interested in spirituality, the Power of Death can make you take the first step. And if you are a spiritual seeker, this can be the last step on your path. It is guaranteed to change your life one way or another. In this book, you will find out:

  • How to wake up from the illusion that you are living in
  • How to develop unconditional love and deep compassion
  • How to be in the here and now and live the present moment
  • How to be grateful for every moment without trying it too hard
  • How to drop your ego effortlessly and finally find yourself
  • How to develop real non-attachment and deep acceptance
  • How to face death and experience your immortality

I will not only tell you why this works, but also show you how to practice it in everyday life. During my travels, I have tried almost all of the spiritual techniques in the world, and this is the most powerful one that I know of. It also played an important part on my own spiritual path that ultimately led to enlightenment. Let me share it with you!