Next, you may ask: what are the similarities and differences between dreams and reality? First, when you are in a dream, it feels completely real. Only when you wake up, do you realize it was a dream. The same is true for the so-called reality, because only when you wake up into a higher dimension of reality does the current reality seem illusory.

Second, when you wake up from the dream, the dream ends. The same way, when you die, the dream of your life ends. But when you wake up in a dream, the dreaming continues. Your dream becomes conscious, so you know that you are the one dreaming it. You rise beyond the dream, yet you remain inside it. The same way, it is also possible to wake up in reality, while remaining alive.

Third, you don’t remember when the dream started, you always find yourself in the middle of it. Similarly, you can’t remember the beginning of your life, you cannot trace back the illusion to its roots. And normally you can’t remember your previous dream, just like you can’t remember your previous life.

Fourth, in a dream, what you perceive, you also manifest. Everything you dream is inside you, and doesn’t have an objective existence. Until you don’t look at something, it doesn’t exist. Dreams are pure subjectivity. The so-called reality is also similar, you are the creator of life, not just symbolically, but literally. We will soon discuss why it seems more objective though.

Fifth, dreaming gives you an illusion as if you were moving, but really you are always in one place. The same is true for reality, because you are not really going anywhere, you are not really doing anything. You are a sleeping god, dreaming your life, resting in the middle of infinity.

Sixth, not only space, but time is illusory, as well. Can you scientifically measure time in a dream? In reality, time is a complete illusion, caused by memories and projections. During your life review, you will relive your whole life in just one moment.

Seventh, you cannot enter anybody’s dream, it is highly intimate and personal. Two people can share their bodies with each other, but they cannot share their dreams, even if they wanted to. Similarly when you are awake, you cannot enter anybody’s mind, even if you are enlightened. Only the universal perspective can be shared, and not the personal.

But why does reality seem more real than a dream? Because in a dream, you are creating everything from only your point of view, from your memories. Nothing new can enter, only the old repeats itself in new combinations. Also, a dream is more fleeting, more fluid, more subjective. What gives the illusion of objectivity of the real world are the different points of view.

When only one person perceives an object, it may or may not be there. But once two people perceive the same thing, although from their unique perspectives, the thing becomes objective. It reinforces the belief that if we both see it, it must be really there. Objective reality is a mutual agreement among all the sentient beings in existence. Reality is a co-creation of the different points of view of the one and only living consciousness.

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Memento Mori!

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  1. Peter Bruce

    June 24, 2019 (11:28) Reply

    It is so true. Thank you

    • Gabriel Dee
      Gabriel Dee

      June 25, 2019 (12:26) Reply

      You’re welcome!

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