If you’re listening to this, you are probably already a spiritual seeker. But do you remember what got you started on this journey? What’s the motivation behind your spiritual search? In my case, it was the disillusionment with the material world, a feeling of emptiness and meaninglessness, combined with my innate curiosity.

Curiosity is one of the things that most people mention as their catalyst on this noble journey. Some even get frustrated and angry, because they realize how much they don’t know. Most of all, that they don’t really know themselves, which should be the most obvious thing in the world.

When you’re curious, it presupposes that you have an open mind. A closed mind already assumes it has knowledge, thus it never becomes curious in the first place. After all, if you already had the answers, you wouldn’t even start searching for them. Having an open mind is one of the most important factors of success in this field, and you have to be very careful not to become dogmatic in the middle of the journey.

Another important motivation is the same kind of meaninglessness that I felt in the beginning of my own journey. Your current worldview collapses, and suddenly nothing makes any sense any more. You feel an overwhelming sense of spiritual emptiness which often comes with the symptoms of depression. You thought you had all the answers, but in fact, you just avoided the real questions so far.

Questions like who are you, what is the meaning of life, is it all there is, and so on. You were quite superficial before, and now you want to discover the depths of life, its true meaning and value. In short, you want to find answers to your existential questions, and you’re as hungry as a wolf. Again, the mistake that many people make with this kind of motivation, is that they settle for only superficial answers.

The mind just can’t bear the thought of not having the answer, so it grasps for an explanation the moment something unknown arises. This is how people acquire spiritual beliefs instead of true spiritual knowledge. Resist the temptations of the mind, and find the answers on your own, instead of believing in them. This is the only way to fill in that spiritual void, every other way is just a band-aid.

Curiosity and spiritual emptiness are both completely authentic and effective fuels on the spiritual path if you don’t fall into the trap of dogma. However, the next two kinds of motivation I’m about to mention can often be problematic and rarely bare fruits.

The first is the need to feel special which leads to a spiritual ego, while the second is an attempt to heal an emotional trauma which leads to spiritual bypassing. I have a separate video about both of these phenomena, and I strongly suggest you to learn more about them, if you feel you were initially motivated by them.

The ego always wants to feel special, to be separate, to be better than others. Sometimes it turns to spirituality in this quest, and masquerades as a spiritual seeker, as somebody who seems to have transcended others, ergo better by them. If you’re always showing off your spiritual side, constantly debating and arguing with others, trying to convince them of your own beliefs, then you’ve probably fallen into this mistake.

A true spiritual person doesn’t care whether others think he’s spiritual or not. Authentic spiritual work happens inside, and doesn’t always show up outside. Many times you can’t even tell about a truly spiritual person that he is on a spiritual journey. He doesn’t brag about it, but is open to answer questions about it if asked.

Many times though, the aim is to heal an emotional wound, to process a loss, a crisis, a trauma. This is already more authentic than ego gratification, yet can easily lead to inauthenticity. Spiritual seekers with this kind of motivation often make the mistake of using spiritual methods only to hide from their emotions instead of facing them. Psychological problems should be solved with psychological tools first, and only then will you be ready to begin a true spiritual path. Otherwise, you’ll always remain stuck, even if you feel a kind of false transcendence. With both of these problematic kinds of motivation, the key is authenticity.

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Memento Mori!

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