Developing a spiritual ego is one of the most dangerous traps in spirituality, and one that often stays hidden. So if you are on a spiritual journey right now, listen carefully, because this could be a really eye-opening video for you.

You see, most of us start the spiritual journey because we are dissatisfied with something in our lives, mostly with ourselves. We want to feel better about ourselves, and it’s natural, because we all start from the egoic state. We can never find fulfillment until we are living from the ego, and that’s why we’re always searching for something more.

Regular people want more success, more money, more power, but a few realize that this strategy is doomed to failure on the quest for fulfillment. These few people then embark on a spiritual search secretly hoping to create a better version of themselves. But they still don’t have the capability to think outside of the ego, so it’s natural that at this point what they really have in mind is a better, more enhanced version of the ego. You are craving enlightenment and spiritual experiences the same way you used to crave money and sex. The objects are different, but the quality of your mind is still the same.

It’s okay if you also got started in spirituality from this standpoint, but be careful not to get stuck in it. The ultimate goal is to drop your ego altogether, and not to create a better version of it. If you fall into the trap of the spiritual ego, you may never ever come out of it, because it’s so sneaky and misleading. A spiritual ego is just your regular ego dressed in spiritual clothes, or like a beggar who dresses up as a king, and tries to fool others and even himself.

You are actually creating an even bigger distance from your real self this way, because now you not only have a regular ego, but a spiritual one, as well. You are fooling yourself two times, faking even your fake self. And the problem is that it often feels good, you may feel a false kind of progress, because in your mind you’re doing something virtuous.

By developing a spiritual ego all you’re doing is decorating up your mental prison to make it more bearable. You can put a poster on your prison wall with the picture of a beautiful beach, but it doesn’t mean that you can swim in the ocean. This illusory beach only prohibits you from reaching the beach for real, so it’s best to tear it down altogether, and face the reality of the prison you’re living in, otherwise you’ll never get out.

There are various signs of a spiritual ego, and if you notice them in yourself just know that you have work to do in this area. The first sign is using spiritual beliefs or practices to avoid reality. This is also known as spiritual bypassing, and serves as an escape from your unhealed emotional wounds. I made a separate video about that, I highly recommend you watch that too.

The second sign is the lack of authenticity about yourself. When deep down in your heart you know your weaknesses, but you pretend not to have them. You try to hide your true nature from the world, and show a more polished, more spiritual, almost perfect image of yourself to others. The key to escaping from the trap of the spiritual ego is exactly to be very very authentic and honest with yourself, so start with that.

The third sign is holding certain spiritual beliefs and defending them as strongly as if your life depended on it. Getting into unnecessary debates over spiritual matters, and feeling offended when somebody disagrees with you. In truth, you are just defending your ego, because now its existence depends on these beliefs, so you have to be right all the time, otherwise the perfect image you painted in your mind about yourself simply crumbles.

The fourth sign of having a spiritual ego is feeling superior to others who are not as spiritual as you. Comparing yourself constantly, and even feeling disgust for others or their actions or attitudes. A truly spiritual person accepts and understands that everybody is on a different stage spiritually, but also knows that everybody is evolving and making progress. He offers them encouragement rather than putting himself on a pedestal.

And finally, the fifth sign of a spiritual ego is a constant need to save others. By saving people, you are simply offering yourself an acknowledgment that you are more powerful than them. You can play the part of the savior, while they remain the poor victims. Yes, help others if they ask for it, but don’t play this game for ego gratification. Don’t start preaching to those who have closed ears, because they will be the ones who will most quickly see through your game, and call you upon it. And by becoming offended, you just prove to yourself that helping people was not really about them, but you.

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Memento Mori!

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