Have you ever seen a sci-fi movie where robots became self-aware? But what does self-awareness really mean? We defined consciousness as an ability to sense the outer environment, detect changes in it, create an inner representation about it, and change behavior according to it.

On the other hand, self-awareness is an inner representation of the organism itself. It is like a mirror, it is a way to have a picture, a definition, an awareness about itself. It can be defined as the ability to feel alive.

Initially, the robots in the movie must have reacted to the outside world according to their pre-defined programs. This reaction was automatic, predictable and artificial. But by becoming self-aware, the robots suddenly realized that they are robots. From then on, they were able to initiate actions on their own, and not just react to everything blindly. They were able to give unique answers to complex situations and learn new things on their own.

I want you to become self-aware in a similar way. Recognize all the pre-defined programs of your inherent instincts, and all the beliefs of the mind which were conditioned after your birth. Don’t stop these reactions, just become much more aware of them. Those which are harmful will lose their grip on you. Those which serve you will remain with you. Just by bringing more consciousness into your actions.

Now, let’s do a little experiment. Stand up, and look at your hands as if you looked at them for the very first time. As if they belonged to someone else as if you just put on some new gloves. Move your fingers slowly, have an intimate feel for them. Look at them as they are moving, and be aware that you are the one who is moving them. Remind yourself of yourself, until you become self-aware.

Imagine that you are like a ghost, who was floating freely around the world until somehow you got trapped inside this body. Imagine that the body is a bio-robot that captured your consciousness. And now, you are living inside this robotic body, interacting with the world through it. But remember yourself inside there, remember that you are simply controlling the body, but you are beyond it.

Move your hands up and down with this new knowledge in mind. It feels different, doesn’t it? So far, your body felt very alive, and you completely forgot about your own consciousness. But now, your body seems like just a mechanical device, and your consciousness is definitely there. It is so alive that you can almost grasp it, you can sense it immensely. Look at your whole body at once, play with your movements, while keeping this sharp awareness inside.

Continue with this exercise until you feel you could almost separate yourself from the body completely. You may feel that you are floating above or behind your body, while it is doing its thing separately from you. But still, you can control it like never before, because you are not attached to it, you are not bound by it. Do this exercise many times a day, as often as you can remember, and try to get into the same state of mind.

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