Meaning means that one thing is a means to something else. If one thing does not lead to another, the thing has no meaning. Then it is not a means to reach something else, it is an end in itself. Life in itself is meaningless, it does not have a goal, it exists for itself.

Life is not a means to reach something. Life is the goal itself. Life is not suffering, but a gift. You didn’t even deserve this gift, you didn’t do anything for it, you didn’t even ask for it. You just received it for no reason, that is why you cannot appreciate it.

You cannot do anything with it, and you cannot get rid of it. The more the mind has to fight for something, the more it appreciates it. Without fight and struggle, the mind is unnecessary and meaningless. That is why even though you already have everything, you start fighting for more. You think you have to struggle to get to a better place, be it in the future or even in heaven.

In fact, this very life is already heaven itself, but with your mind you turn it into hell. Heaven and hell are not physical places, but psychological states that depend on your attitude to life. If you start living as if you were already in Heaven, the world will really turn into Heaven.

The problem is that you degrade the present as a means to reach a goal in the future, when in reality the present is the goal itself. You consider money as the goal, when in fact it is just a means. You sacrifice your life for money, instead of doing just the opposite.

Money is only a means to support your life, to be able to live in health and prosperity. The root problem is that you are functioning out of your mind. The mind has a strong tendency to make a goal out of everything, and reduce every other thing to a means.

When it reaches a certain goal, it needs to create another one, because actually it cannot enjoy the goal it reached. Your mind is constantly asking what the meaning of life is. You are always in the present moment, but for your mind the meaning is always in the future in the form of a goal.

The mind tells you that you cannot be happy until you reach the goal. But even if you reach it, the mind cannot enjoy it, and you never become really happy this way. If you live your life for a goal, you miss the goal of your life.

Life has no absolute meaning, or in other words, life in itself is meaningless. You have to give your own meaning to life. If others give meaning to your life, you will live and die miserably. The community, the religions, the governments and all other systems of society are forcing their own goals upon you. The trick is to make you identify with their goals; to make their goals your goals. If they can give their own meaning to your life, they can use you for all of your life.

You are looking for the meaning of your life, your goals and your identity. And then, when you are still young and vulnerable, they offer everything to you on a silver plate. But remember, they are offering their own meaning and their own goals. Every single person has to find his own meaning in life totally alone. You have to go into the dark forest alone and find the right path and your own meaning. The journey itself is the goal.

So live every moment totally, because you are already in the goal every moment. Even if you get into a difficult situation on the path, remember that it is part of the path. You created the difficult situation for yourself to be able to learn from it. In fact, you created the whole world to learn from it. Do not resist any experience or situation, otherwise you will have to face it again until you learned the lesson you had to learn.

The meaningful things in life have no meaning. They are not a means to anything else. What is the meaning of beauty, of love, of happiness? What is the meaning of a rose? They are an expression, an overflowing of divine energy. The ultimate expression of divine energy is life itself. Life is ultimately meaningful, yet ultimately meaningless at the same time. This means that life has no ultimate goal, but is the ultimate goal itself. You live to experience living.

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