Or, you can also look at your personality like a ghost that took possession of your soul. It took completely over, you let it in, and now it occupies your body and your mind. Your real self is in a deep sleep, while this entity is using you for its own sake. You are the one who is giving it energy. Until you are not even aware that it is there, your soul remains trapped. You need to awaken inside, you need an exorcism. In the beginning, even a small light of consciousness is enough to break the rule of darkness.

This entity actually consists of two parts: the part that you accept is the ego, and it can be found in the conscious mind. The other part is called the shadow, which lives in the subconscious. The shadow consists of all the ideas you deny and reject in yourself and that you are unaware of. So not only is the personality a split from your real self, but the personality is also split in itself.

The ego and the shadow are counterparts, and they are always fighting with each other. You can imagine them like an angel and a demon sitting on your shoulders and whispering into your ears. The angel represents your ideal self, the way you would like to see yourself, and the way you would like for others to see you. The demon symbolizes your flawed self, the one you hide from others and even from yourself.

Both the ego and the shadow can contain both positive and negative aspects. Many times if you have a positive ego – in other words, you think good things about yourself – you push away your bad qualities from your consciousness. And similarly when you think you are a bad person, usually the cause is that you suppress your positive traits. But life is not black and white, everything is a mix. Nobody is perfect, but nobody is inherently bad either.

So, it’s not that the ego is positive, and the shadow is negative. It’s more like the ego is accepted, while the shadow is rejected. It depends on your family, on your upbringing and the society you live in what is valued and what is condemned. For example, in some families, emotional sensitivity is looked down, while some societies reject creativity and individualism. When you push these beneficial qualities into your shadow, you become less than who you could be.

Your shadow is a compromise created by repressing the unwanted to get love. It can contain many things, but its core is actually your parental pattern. If you already discovered it in the previous module, you will have a much easier time here. If not, now you can start to uncover the more superficial aspects of your shadow one-by-one until you get to the core, and find your parental pattern.

In this free report, I’ll reveal my number one secret to spiritual enlightenment that almost nobody else speaks about. Download it now below, to find out what it is! I can guarantee you, you’ll be surprised!

Memento Mori!

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