You don’t really exist! Whenever I tell my students something along these lines, they become quite confused. What do you mean I don’t exist? I am right here, right now. Yes, you are and yet you are not. Are you really here? Are you really present in this very moment? If yes, who is this you? Because that’s the only one which is real, the other is a fabrication.

This may just seem like a play of words, and to a degree it is. Our vocabulary is quite limited, it was created by ordinary people and not mystics. That’s why spiritual teachers had to come up with new words, or they had to give new meanings to already existing ones. But both ways have its drawbacks.

The new words didn’t mean anything to anybody, so they couldn’t be directly understood. For example, when Buddha spoke about the no-self, nobody really knew what he meant. Other mystics before used the word Self with a capital S, or true self or higher self. But the problem with using old words with new meanings is that people are bound to misunderstand them.

But the reality is, that Self and no-self is actually the same thing. You have a self and yet you don’t, you are and yet you are not. Oh, and you thought you couldn’t be any more confused! But don’t worry, by the end of this episode we will hopefully sort out all this confusion.

When I tell you that you don’t exist, I mean you don’t exist as a person, as a separate individual, as an ego. Because normally when you think about yourself, your self with a lower s, you have in mind your ego, which is just a collection of thoughts woven into the fabric of your life story.

This self, this you, is purely illusory, it exists only in your mind. But as you only know this self, you can’t even start to comprehend the other you I’m pointing to. You think it’s just a purer, holier, enlightened version of yourself, but it’s not. This self and that self are diametrically opposite, there is no continuity between them, they are totally exclusive to each other.

This is why Buddha referred to it as no-self, to show you how different they are. But actually he referred to the same thing as those who spoke about it as higher self, he simply found an alternative way of expressing things. Self with a capital S, higher self, true self, real self, consciousness: they all mean the same thing.

And it’s this you that truly exists. Its existence is so total that nothing exists beside it. Only you exist. But remember: this you I’m referring to is not the same you that you think yourself to be. Whatever you think about yourself is not that. You can never think about it, because the one who thinks is it. You can only experience it, and you experience it when all thinking stops.

So when I tell you that you exist, you shouldn’t take it lightly. If you reply with something like: “Of course I exist, it’s obvious!”, then you are more than likely speaking from your ego. The you that truly exists is not obvious at all, that’s why so few become enlightened. Or I could equally say that it’s too obvious, that’s why so few notice it.

If you haven’t met the real you, you haven’t really lived yet. You call this life? This is not life, this is a fantasy you’re living in. This is a constant drag, a grey fog, a chaotic nightmare. You think you’re alive? Just wait till you meet the real you, and you will know what it feels to be truly alive. Compared to that, this is just like being trapped in a prison on a constant dosage of sedatives.

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Memento Mori!

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