But losing hope and fear and crossing the 7 doors seem to be easier said than done. Pretending is not enough here, you need a real transformation. There is a secret universal key that will unlock all these doors and make you hopeless and fearless at the same time. The secret key to your life and to real happiness is facing death. Let me show you step-by-step why this method works for each door. If you do it right, you will cross all the doors simultaneously in one moment.

First of all, be perfectly sure that you are going to die, and live like there is no tomorrow. In fact, not even a single moment is left from this present moment. If on the back of your mind you are still hoping that there is life after death, you won’t be determined enough to live life fully now. Hope takes you to the future and takes away your present.

The truth is that there is life after death. But there is a big difference between hoping and knowing. Hope won’t save you from misery, and won’t transform your life. Only by knowing death will you know and be perfectly sure that you won’t die with your body. But hope only stands in your way of experiencing this experience. When all your hopes disappear in the face of death, the fear of death will also disappear with it. As I said, hope and fear are intrinsically connected.

In the face of death, you cannot help but be yourself. There is no more time for playing around, no more time for trying to be somebody you are not. You simply accept yourself as you are, whether you consider yourself good or bad. Good or bad does not matter anymore. You automatically connect with your Real or Higher Self, your Individuality.

Death can see all your bogus personalities, and you have to stand before him completely naked. You cannot lie to yourself in your last moment, even if your complete life so far has been a lie. In the face of death, you will be reminded of all those unfulfilled dreams you never dared to accomplish. Those dreams that you would want to fulfill even if nobody knew about them. Those dreams are really yours, they are coming deep down from your Higher Self.

In the face of death, you will truly experience the here and now. Your body and mind will be in a shock because they will sense danger. If even a flicker of thought appears in your mind, you could be dead in the next moment. Death Awareness instantly snaps you back to the present moment. All your senses become sharp, and your body ready to fight or flight. You become aware of your surroundings, your body, and yourself.

Certainly, the fight or flight reaction will become less intense as you practice more and more because there is no physical danger after all. The past and future disappear so you can see the truth of the present moment. Time does not stop, it completely disappears, and you get into a timeless state. And when time disappears, space also disappears with it, because they are also intrinsically connected.

In the face of death, there is a high chance of dropping your ego. Your mind and body were fighting for your survival all of your life. But in your last moment you realize that eventually, death wins every time. Your ego was fed by fighting for survival, and now it is standing there defeated without any hope. Right at this moment, your ego may admit that it is weak and useless.

It may commit suicide and give way to something that is bigger than itself. When this happens, you may feel as if you have melted into everything. Space disappears, everything becomes you, and suddenly you become everything. This oceanic feeling is the goal of yoga, which itself means “union”. You can have this experience instantly if you are ready to face death.

In the face of death, you automatically feel love and compassion for every living being. When you can totally accept your death, you will also totally accept yourself. Total acceptance means unconditional love. If you can totally accept yourself as you are, without any conditions, you will automatically feel the same for everybody else, too.

Besides, you can also remind yourself that everybody else will die, as well. This reminder will serve as a tool to be loving and compassionate. This does not mean forcing love, it will come on its own. It only means reminding yourself of a fundamental fact of life. In your last moment, you realize that only love gives real meaning to life.

In the face of death, you will feel grateful for every moment of your life. No matter what kind of misery you were living in when you are faced with the ultimate moment, you would like more of it. If you could just hug your loved ones one more time, if you could just take another walk on the beach, you would do anything for just one more moment. What you do not realize now is that every moment could be the last. So, you should feel gratitude in every moment of your life.

Death awareness helps you to be immensely grateful. In fact, you cannot really appreciate life without death. Death gives depth to life, it makes life an adventure. If you are too much afraid of death, you will be afraid to live, too. And when you are afraid to live totally, you will be even more afraid to die because you haven’t really lived yet. It is a vicious cycle that you can break only by facing death.

As life and death are interconnected, so are the fear of death and the fear of life. When you lose the fear of life, you stop living half-heartedly. You will be total in your actions because you know they could be the last ones. You stop hesitating and procrastinating, and you will have the courage to make those important decisions you should have taken long ago.

Value is created when there is a shortage of something desirable. But you try to make yourself believe that you will live forever, and you have an infinite amount of time at your disposal. The problem is that you think you have time. But in the face of death, you suddenly have no more time. Life seems now painfully short and infinitely valuable. Death gives real value to your life.

You can get to know life only after you got to know death. Before this moment comes, you will have only guesses and imaginations about the subject. These are worse than nothing. Be brave and dare to admit that you do not know life and death.

Only then, can you become an authentic seeker, and get to know them for yourself. But knowing will be a completely different matter than thinking. You will know then that you will really live forever, and death only happens to your body and mind, but you are neither of them.

In the face of death, you will become detached from your body and mind, and the whole external world. This includes your home, your car, your bank account, and even your friends and family. You have to leave everything behind, you can take nothing with you after death. But you are going to exist even after death, and this entity is what really matters. If you are attached to anything else that is not yourself, you will feel suffering because you are going to lose it.

Non-attachment is an important spiritual attitude, and the easiest method to reach it is to remind yourself that you are going to lose everything anyway. You don’t own anything or anybody, not even your own body. You just got it as a present until a certain amount of time, to enjoy it, experience it, and then let it go. Everything stays with you until it serves you, and not longer. Even if you lose something you love, it is because something even better is coming.

In the face of death, you will only be successful if you become totally accepting of the situation. By successful I mean you can get to know and transcend death. Transcending means that you realize that death is an illusion. There is only life and nothing else. It is even redundant to call it life because only life exists and nothing else. And you are this life, and I am this life, and everybody and everything is this life.

If you remind yourself of death, you accept every situation in your life because you will know, that they do not really matter. You welcome anything that appears in your life, and you let go of anything that disappears from it. After all, they are just part of your dream, but the only real thing is the dreamer. But in everyday life, you forget about the dreamer and get tangled up in the dream. Facing death helps you awaken from the dream and realize yourself.

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Memento Mori!

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