Break out from the masses, break out from social conditioning. Don’t let society mold you and repress you anymore. Don’t let others tell you how to live. Stop being a slave, and start your personal rebellion. Wake up from the dream, and realize that you have been living as a sheep so far.

Always following others, always choosing the safe way. Now, it is time to rise up with a big roar and become the wild lion that you really are. Let the sheep look at you, judge you, or even fear you. Do you think that a lion cares about what the sheep think about him?

Don’t be afraid of what others think about you. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Don’t be afraid to show yourself. Live your individuality without holding anything back. Others have been repressing you all of your life. And slowly, you learned to repress yourself, too.

But without the burden of your personality, you can be finally free. Your happiness doesn’t depend on the acknowledgment of others anymore. If people like you: good. If people don’t like you: it is also good. You don’t care anymore, you are simply yourself. You are just you, you are not trying to become somebody else.

Embrace your individuality, respect your uniqueness, express your talents. You are one and only, you are irreplaceable, you are unrepeatable. There was nobody like you before and there will be nobody just like you ever again. You are a one-time phenomenon in this world, you are a shooting star that shines only once.

Yes, your life as an individuality is just a momentary flash on the infinite sky, and then it never returns. That is why you should shine like a star, you only have one opportunity to show the world what you are made of. Your fuel is your talent, and you have to burn all of it away to shine brightly. Express yourself completely throughout your life, and don’t take any of it with you to the cemetery.

Be proud of yourself for who you are. Not for what you have, what you achieved, or what you did. This way, you would just strengthen your ego, and it would be fake proudness. If you just pretend to be proud of yourself, it is only an ugly trick to make others proud of you. It means that you are really not proud, therefore you want to convince others and yourself.

Real proudness means being proud just for being. You don’t care whether anybody else is proud of you or not. It is an inherent and therefore an authentic quality inside you. The same is true for confidence. If you act too over-confident it is often a sign that you are just compensating for your own inner weakness.

You show strength outside because you want to protect your weak ego. You are like an insect with its hard shell protecting its delicate body. Instead, be a real human, be an individuality. Be indestructible in your center, rely on your bones for your pose. But outside, be warm, delicate and friendly, keep your sensitivity.

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Memento Mori!

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