Getting stuck during spiritual awakening is a common experience. There are countless souls who have been on the spiritual path for decades, yet enlightenment seems as far as ever. It is a deeply frustrating and equally confusing situation, so in this episode I’d like to give you some pointers to dig your wheels out from this spiritual hole.

If you’ve been on this journey for long, you must have a good conceptual understanding of spiritual subjects, but so far failed to really apply them into your own life. You need to get out of your head and into your body, energy and heart. Enlightenment is not about adopting new beliefs, but dropping your old ones.

So no matter how many books you read, or how many seminars you attend, if you don’t integrate these teachings into your everyday life, they will never have any effect. You may become an armchair spiritualist, debating about metaphysical concepts and preaching about nice-sounding cliches. But you’ll never really experience these things for yourself if you stay on this level. You simply can’t think your way into enlightenment.

The truth is not out there, it’s right there within you. The truth is not on the other side, it’s inside you. The truth need not be found outside, simply realized inside. You may have heard this a thousand times, and you still go on chasing enlightenment as if it was a unicorn hunt. But enlightenment is more like a butterfly: when you try to catch it, you only scare it away.

Truth is already there, you just don’t see it from the false. What many people miss is that they go on searching for the truth. I think it’s much better to search for the false, and when you recognize your hardgrained beliefs, your limiting ideas, and your fake ego as false, truth will reveal itself on its own.

There’s one story of a monk who asked his master to kill his ego. The master told him that if he gave him his ego, he would kill it. So the student started searching for his ego, and to his surprise, it wasn’t there. He realized it was just a mental concept, and in that moment he became enlightened.

But not grasping for enlightenment doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do anything. Do everything, but hope for nothing. Some teachers will tell you that you should just stop the search altogether, but I don’t quite agree. Yes, stop searching for it outside of yourself, but don’t stop searching inside. Otherwise, you’ll simply fall off the spiritual path and forget about the whole matter.

Look, you’ve been conditioned with false ideas for all your life, and the process of deconditioning, in other words spiritual awakening, will take just as much effort. So why do you expect that after watching some videos, enlightenment will easily fall onto your lap? Anything worthwhile takes time, energy and effort, and awakening is not an exception.

The other reason why you might be stuck is because you’ve fallen into the New Age trap like many others, because most teachers want you to focus only on love & light and avoid all negative emotions. This leads to spiritual bypassing and getting stuck on the path. Follow your pain and not your bliss, because most people got enlightened through suffering, and seeing that they are in fact causing their own suffering by their false beliefs.

If you want to progress, you need to get brutally honest and real with yourself. It’s not about discovering a hidden spiritual dimension, but about being more natural and more real. That’s what I mean under hardcore spirituality: an authentic, down-to-earth approach is needed instead of lofty ideals and fantastic tales.

Awakening is a disruptive process, it’s a gradual dissolution of the ego. You may feel better after letting some painful aspects of it go, but there are other parts that you cherish and grab onto. You hold onto these parts as if it was a question of life or death, or you’re afraid of the consequences of letting them go, or getting rid of these aspects would be painful and supposedly negative.

But you can’t be selective: you have to let go of it all, not just the parts you dislike, but the parts you like, as well. A golden cage is still a cage, and the golden bars are keeping you away from freedom just as much as the iron bars, if not more. Let yourself totally go, let the flow take you whereever it wants to take you, surrender yourself to the awakening, and you’ll be reborn as a free man or woman.

Still, this is easier said than done, but that’s exactly why I created the Rebirth Academy. I will also point out your blindspots that keep you stuck on your path. We go step-by-step, starting with the body, then energy, then emotions, then thoughts and ego. At each level, the goal is to develop more awareness so that you can transcend that level and detach yourself from the identification of your body-mind. When that happens, you become enlightened.

In this free report, I’ll reveal my number one secret to spiritual enlightenment that almost nobody else speaks about. Download it now below, to find out what it is! I can guarantee you, you’ll be surprised!

Memento Mori!

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