However, learning to control emotions is not easy, because you were controlled by them your whole life. If you have any kind of emotion you want to get rid of, here is another short and easy exercise you can try. Go back to the source of the emotion until you reach the question of survival. First of all, ask yourself the following question: “Why do I feel this way?”

Your emotion always has a cause, but this often stays unconscious. You never just have a bad mood, if you feel bad, it means something happened that makes you feel bad. This time, you have to find the triggering cause of the emotion consciously. Try to remember the moment when you started to feel this particular emotion, and remind yourself of what happened then.

Let’s suppose you found the cause, now ask yourself this simple question: “So?” I mean think consciously, reasonably and logically about what the cause will really cause. Don’t you just overreact the situation? So what if you are late for work? So what if you had an accident? So what if your parents didn’t love you? Will feeling bad about it make anything better?

Think through the situation with pure logic for once. Something happened in the past which hinders your survival in some way, and your natural reaction is to develop negative emotions about it. This is natural, but feeling bad doesn’t actually serve you, not even your survival. Most of the time you emotionally overreact certain situations because you don’t think through them logically.

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