In the beginning, I promised to show you how to change your emotions and thoughts simply by using your body. And now, I am going to do just that. By now you know that most emotions originate from a thought that affects the body. However, the process can start also from the body, because the physical level affects energy, emotional and mental states, too.

Accepting that certain emotions cause certain behaviors is easy because we see it every day. But the idea that your behavior can change your emotions is quite a radical one. In spite of that, it is indeed so, because of the body-mind connection. Instead of simply believing it, try it for yourself, and make an experiment. The following exercise is the simplest mood altering technique that I know.

Let’s start with sadness because you know it better than happiness. First, lower your eyes and hang your head, breathe lightly from your upper chest, and bend your spine. Remember all the bad things that happened to you today, and repeat them to yourself in your mind, keeping your volume even and monotonous. How do you feel yourself now?

Define this emotion, and then clear yourself from it, by taking a deep breath, and remembering that this is just an exercise. Next, stand up, erect your spine, and stretch your arms as high as you can into the air. Take several really deep breaths – fill your lungs, hold the air in for 10 seconds, and exhale.

Think about all the positive things about today, remember your past successes, and feel ready to face any challenge you may face with courage and confidence. Fill yourself up with energy and enthusiasm. Throw your shoulders back and stare straight ahead like you’re ready to take on the world.

In this changed physical state, try to feel the same sadness as before. You will realize that it’s virtually impossible to be sad unless you manifest sadness physiologically. The physical part isn’t just a reflection of the mental part, it’s all part of the same process. Therefore, the quickest way to stop feeling bad is to change your physiology radically in a positive way. Experiment with this exercise this week!

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Memento Mori!

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